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03-09 Dodge Ram Cummins Gauge Pods

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GlowShift offers pillar pods and custom gauge packages that are specifically manufactured for the 2003-2009 Cummins Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, & 3500. Dodge Ram Cummins owners can select a gauge package featuring the MaxTow Gauge Series, Elite 10 Color Series, or the 7 Color Gauge Series, as well as a factory matched or black triple pillar pod or factory matched dual pillar pod. GlowShift recommends a 60 PSI Boost Gauge, 1500°F Pyrometer EGT Gauge, Transmission Temperature Gauge, or a 30 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge for the Diesel Cummins trucks. If you have a Gasoline Dodge Ram truck, we recommend a 2200°F Exhaust Temperature Gauge, 100PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge, Transmission Temperature Gauge, or a Water Temperature Gauge. If you are installing a Fuel Pressure Gauge on a Cummins, the snubber valve regulates fuel pressure spike at startup. GlowShift’s Banjo Bolt will replace your stock banjo bolt and allow you to easily install your Snubber Valve and fuel pressure sending unit directly to the fuel filter housing. GlowShift’s Transmission Test Port Extender is required when installing a transmission temperature gauge into your 03-07.5 Dodge Ram Hemi Truck with the 5.9 Cummnins 48RE Transmissions. The Transmission Test Port Extender must be installed to ensure the transmission temperature sensor is at the proper level. The Transmission Test Port Extender does no work for 6.7 Cummins 68RFE Transmissions. The ½” Transmission Line T-Fitting Adapter is designed for the 2003-2015 Dodge Ram Cummins 68RE & 68RFE ½” Transmission Cooler Line. GlowShift Boost Bolt Adapter threads directly into 1998.5-2010 Cummins Intake Manifold. Note: You may need to purchase additional installation accessories to install certain gauges. GlowShift offers complete replacement triple pillar pod in black or factory matched taupe, a complete replacement factory matched taupe dual pillar pod, black and taupe single pillar pod, or a 3-in-1 taupe or black single gauge pods for individual purchase. GlowShift stands behind its product by including free lifetime technical support as well as a one year limited warranty with every purchase!