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92-95 Honda Civic

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GlowShift offers pillar pods and custom gauge packages that are specially manufactured to fit any 1992-1995 Honda Civic. Civic owners can build a custom gauge package by selecting from the Elite 10 Color Series, 7 Color Series, or Blue/Red Digital Gauge Series, as well as a black or gray triple pillar pod. If you choose to install a fuel pressure gauge, GlowShift recommends the Honda Fuel Pressure Banjo Bolt adapter which will replace your stock banjo bolt to allow an easy install of your fuel pressure sending unit directly to the fuel filter housing. If you are installing an oil pressure or oil temperature gauge on your Civic, GlowShift recommends adding the vehicle specific oil filter sandwich adapter to your gauge package purchase. The Honda Civic Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter allows you to mount oil sensors and feed lines without the need to drill into your oil pan or remove your stock sensors. Note: You may need to purchase additional installation accessories to install certain gauges. GlowShift offers the black or gray triple pillar pod, black or gray dual pillar pod, and the black single pod for individual purchase. GlowShift stands behind its products by including free lifetime technical support as well as a one year limited warranty with every purchase!