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GlowShift’s Tinted 7 Color Air / Fuel Ratio Gauges are essential when tuning any performance vehicle and allow you to closely monitor your vehicle’s air to fuel ratio. This gives you multiple benefits including reduced emissions, higher fuel economy and maximized power and engine performance by allowing you to carefully map out your vehicle’s air to fuel ratios throughout the range of RPM and manifold pressure which results in maximized power output. Our Tinted Digital Wideband Air / Fuel Ratio Gauge features an easy to read digital display that reads from 10.0 to 20.0 AFR down to one decimal place and also features a 3 color LED ring that indicates, Lean, Optimal and Rich values. This Wideband Air to Fuel Ratio Gauge receives its accurate readings by utilizing a Bosch 4.9 Wideband Oxygen Sensor that is installed to your vehicle’s exhaust with the weld in bung and 13 foot sensor wire with modular connections. The Tinted 7 Color Needle Air / Fuel Ratio Gauge comes standard with incredible features including microprocessor controlled stepper motor technology which allows for extremely accurate gauge readings and incredibly smooth needle movement, selectable 7 color LED through dial lighting, a magnified tinted lens, as well as an illuminated red needle that sweeps 270 degrees. The illuminated red needle reads your air to fuel ratio in Lean, Optimal, and Rich Values, allowing you to closely monitor and tune your vehicle. Every Tinted 7 Color Air to Fuel Ratio Gauge includes all sensors, wiring harnesses, mounting hardware and instructions, as well as a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.