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GlowShift’s White 7 Color Exhaust Pressure Gauges measure the amount of drive pressure being produced by the motor to spin the diesel turbo. The ideal drive-to-boost ratio is 1:1, meaning for every PSI of exhaust pressure there should be an equal amount of boost pressure. When the drive pressure levels exceed the 1:1 ratio, the truck is trying to push the turbo too hard and has a backup of gasses that could potentially cause damage or failure to the head gasket and turbo parts. This situation makes the turbo charger less efficient which is why it is extremely important to monitor these levels in unison with the boost pressure. White 7 Color Exhaust Pressure Gauges are offered in 60 PSI and 100 PSI options that include 1/4” x 5’ copper cooling tubing, 2 sets of compression fittings, 1/8-27 NPT electronic pressure sensor and 9’ sensor harness. GlowShift includes all sensors, mounting hardware, installation instructions, free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with each purchase.