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GlowShift’s Red Digital Boost & Vacuum Gauges are important for anyone that is running a turbo or super charger in the vehicle and looking to monitor that their boost pressure and/or engine compression levels are functioning at optimum levels to avoid potential engine damage. Our Red Digital Gauges boast fully electronic sensors for supreme accuracy, a red LED digital display for quick glance gauge readings with a tinted lens housed in a sleek and ultra-thin design. A calibration start up sequence is performed every time the digital gauge is powered on to ensure proper connections and accurate gauge readings. Our Red Digital Turbo Boost and Vacuum Gauges available are the LED Boost / Vacuum Gauge, LED 60 PSI Boost Gauge, a metric LED BAR Boost / Vacuum Gauge, a LED Vacuum Gauge, as well as a LED Boost & EGT Combo Gauge. Every Red Digital Gauge includes all sensors, wiring harnesses, mounting hardware and instructions, as well as a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.