Boost Gauges Now Available in 15 PSI

Posted by Erica on Apr 18, 2018

GlowShift’s popular 7 Color Gauge Series is now offering 15 PSI Boost/Vacuum Gauge options. The 15 PSI Boost/Vacuum Gauges are available in black, white and tinted and can be the perfect accessory to any stock or modified turbocharged car. This mechanical boost gauge will read the boost pressure from 0 to 15 PSI, as well as the vacuum compression levels from -30 to 0 inHG. The lower reading allows you to more closely monitor your levels to help safeguard your vehicle against over boosting and potential engine damage.

Each 2 1/16” 7 Color Series 15 PSI Boost Gauge features an illuminated red needle and 7 color LED through dial lighting. The 7 Color LED dial lighting allows you to select from 7 different solid color modes, a color cycle mode and a color fade mode. The included color recall feature will remember the preferred color being used before powering down your vehicle so you will not have to reset the gauge when you start it back up. The orange wire can be connected to your factory headlight switch to dim the gauge 30% for easier viewing when driving at night.

Each 15 PSI Boost Gauge includes 6’ of vacuum hose with a T-fitting that allows you to tap into any vacuum line on your vehicle to get those boost readings. Each 15 PSI Boost/Vacuum Gauge includes all necessary mounting hardware, a gauge visor and 2’ of power wiring. Free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty is also included with every purchase.