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GlowShift’s Tinted Series Volt Gauges will monitor your vehicle’s electrical system from 8 to 16 volts, helping to ensure it is operating efficiently. The featured Tinted Voltmeter Gauges include a 52mm Volt Gauge with a red illuminated needle and a Digital Volt & Air / Fuel Ratio Combo Gauge that will monitor your electrical system, as well as your air/fuel mixture levels. Our Tinted Voltage Gauges feature a black gauge face with a low profile tinted lens, white LED backlighting, as well as an aluminum body and rim. Each Tinted Gauge includes a dimmer function that connects to your headlight switch allowing the gauge’s brightness level to dim 30% when your headlights are turned on for a more subtle glow, resulting in better visibility while driving at night. All Tinted Series Voltmeter Gauges include all wiring harnesses, mounting hardware and instructions, as well as a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.