2nd Gen 2017-2020 Ford F150 & F150 Raptor Triple Pillar Pod

If you have a 2nd Generation 2017-2020 Ford F150 or F150 Raptor, we just finished up an F150 pillar pod you can use to replace the factory A-pillar. We’ve been expanding our lineup of F150 gauge pods over the past couple of years, and the next step was adding a pod for newer F1 […]

Chevy 350 Oil Pressure Sending Unit Adapter

Gets a little bit tricky installing an aftermarket oil pressure sensor to your Chevy Small Block 305/350. We know, we’ve been there. You don’t have a whole lot of room and sometimes it’s just a plain old hassle getting the right angle and position for installation. Well, we got […]

New Product Alert | 10 Color Series Digital Combo Gauges

Analog gauges deliver that classic look, but there’s something about digital gauges that make them a must-have for any dash. We decided to take that a step further by giving drivers the ability to view two digital readings at the same time. Our 10 Color Digital Series features u […]

New Product Alert | Diesel Tachometer Adapters

Need an adapter to install your diesel tach? No worries, we got it covered with one of the latest additions to our set of GlowShift gauge install accessories. Our Diesel Tachometer Adapter enables a tachometer to be installed almost universally onto diesel engines. It’s perfect […]