New Product Alert | 5pc Universal Metric Fitting Adapter Kit

The GlowShift family is worldwide, so we hear from customers all over with requests for different kinds of automotive products. One bit of feedback in particular is that we get a lot of calls for metric fitting accessories. In response, the latest addition to our metric lineup i […]

New Product Alert | 7 Color Series 45 PSI Boost/Vacuum Gauge

As the years advance, so does the technology. That goes for the latest cars on the market too. Newer tech is pushing the boost levels generated by turbochargers higher and higher. So for anyone driving high boosting cars, a gauge in the area of 30 PSI just isn’t gonna cut it. Th […]

New Product Alert | 10 Color Digital Series Gauges In Celsius

Fahrenheit’s the standard in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole other world out there taking readings in Celsius. Because there literally is. And that’s where the idea for our set of celsius temperature gauges came from. We heard from customers all over via phon […]

New Product Alert | 7 Color Series 20 PSI Boost Gauge

We have all kinds of boost gauges built to monitor varying levels of boost pressure on any car or truck. If you have a stock or modified car with boost output that’s in the lower range, or a diesel truck that puts in overtime and generates high levels of boost pressure, we have a […]

New Product Alert | 7 Color Series E85 Needle Wideband Gauge

We carry a pretty comprehensive lineup of Digital and Analog Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Gauges that give you a reliable display of Rich, Optimal and Lean levels. These gauges are a strong addition to any performance vehicle and will help you get better fuel efficiency too. The late […]