GlowShift | What’s The Best Boost Gauge For Me?

Deciding on the right automotive boost gauge kit all depends on the type of car or truck you drive. Basically, it all comes down to motor size: the bigger the motor, the bigger the turbo. And as turbo increases so does the boost pressure. So as pressure increases you will need a […]

GlowShift | Digital Boost Gauges Versus Analog Boost Gauges

When it comes to selecting a GlowShift Boost Gauge there is no wrong choice. It all depends on the look you’re going for in your car or truck and which version works best. Either way you’re still getting boost readings delivered with pinpoint accuracy. Our analog boost gauges gi […]

New Product Alert | 10 Color Digital Speedometer Gauge

I dig the look of an analog speedometer, but after seeing our new 10 Color Digital Series Speedometer Gauge I think I’m sold. Man, the digital readouts are on point and it’s a lot of fun seeing how responsive they are as you accelerate or let up on the gas. We were getting a bun […]

GlowShift Gauges | Some History On The 2007 Chevy Silverado

2007 was kind of a conflicted year for the Silverado. You basically have two different truck models in the same year: one called the “Classic” and the other called the “New Body Style,” referring to 2007-2013 models. When the New Body Style Silverado GMT-900 was officially unveil […]

GlowShift Gauges | Why Do I Need A Wideband Gauge?

Wideband gauges measure the mixture of air to fuel that is coming out of your car or truck’s exhaust. Readings are broken down into three categories: Rich, Optimal and Lean. Rich is when there is too much fuel and not enough air in the mixture, and Lean is the opposite with too m […]