New Product Alert | Silicone Hose Boost Gauge Adapter

Boost Gauges are really popular around here, and we just figured out a way to speed up the installation process even more. It’s our Silicone Hose Boost Gauge Adapter, which makes it way easier to route a silicone boost line and ultimately get accurate boost and vacuum readings fo […]

New Product Alert | Wideband Sensor Adapters

If you keep postponing the installation of a wideband gauge because of the time and effort that goes into installing the oxygen sensor, we get it. We’ve been there too. Once you start looking at the prospect of welding and making permanent modifications, you start wondering if it […]

Black Triple Pillar Gauge Pod For 1973-1987 Chevrolet C10

When we think about the Chevy C10 there’s a lot of different models that can fall under that category. So as we developed this black triple pillar gauge pod our goal was to cover 3rd Gen box body and square body pickup trucks from 1973-1987. For us that includes the C20, C30, K-S […]

Tan Quad Pillar Gauge Pod For 1992-1997 Ford F-Series

OBS F-Series trucks are still going strong these days for one main reason: they were built to last the test of time to begin with. Afterall, Ford’s got a solid track record for building strong, reliable trucks that you can put to any task. But it’s still on your shoulders to mak […]