Ford IDI

1982 - 1986 Ford IDI

1982 - 1986 Ford IDI F-Series Trucks

Stay on top of key readings and protect your 6.9 IDI with GlowShift Gauges, Pods and Accessories for virtually any 1982-1986 Ford F-Series pickup. 2-1/16” (52mm) ultra-bright LED gauges monitor temperature, pressure levels and more with pinpoint accuracy. Truck-specific Gauge Pods for the OBS Ford match up with the factory interior and enhance the look of your F-Series F-150, F-250 or F-350. Gauge Accessories like adapters and wiring kits make it even easier to install our gauges. You can also bundle products and build the Custom Gauge Package that is right for your Bullnose Ford F-Series.

Each GlowShift Gauge Series defines the look of your gauges with features including an analog or digital display, black or white gauge dial, clear or tinted magnified lens, and multiple display color options. For 1982-1986 F-Series trucks, we recommend our Black 7 Color Series with a black gauge dial, magnified clear lens and 7 solid color modes for the analog display: Blue, Green, Red, Teal, Yellow, Purple and White.

Custom Gauge Packages For Ford IDI

Choose between the Black, White or Tinted 7 Color Gauge Series; then select 3 Gauges, a Black Triple Pillar Pod, and optional Gauge Installation Accessories.

Select one of four MaxTow Double Vision™ Gauge Series; then select 3 Gauges, a Black Triple Pillar Pod, and optional Gauge Installation Accessories.

Experience an ultra-bright digital LED display with 10 Solid Color Modes; and select 3 Gauges, a Black Triple Pillar Pod, and Optional Gauge Installation Accessories.

Turbo Boost Gauge Compatible With 6.9 IDI

Black 7 Color 20 PSI Boost Gauge

The factory 82-86 F-Series IDI did not come equipped with turbo, so adding a turbo kit is a popular upgrade for these OBS Ford trucks. When you install aftermarket turbo, adding a boost gauge goes hand-in-hand. And for the lower boost levels this truck puts out, we have a 20 PSI Boost Gauge that delivers accurate readouts from 0 to 20 PSI. This boost gauge comes with parts needed for installation including 9’ of Boost Hose, 1/8-27 NPT Brass Compression Fittings and Mounting Hardware.

2400F Pyrometer EGT Gauge Fits F-Series IDI

Black 7 Color 2400° F Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge

The 2400° Fahrenheit Pyrometer EGT Gauge is for anyone driving a 1982-1986 Bullnose Ford F-Series F150, F250 or F350 with a 4.9L, 5.8L V8 or 6.9L Diesel V8 IDI. When you’re pushing for maximum output of your engine, this gauge will ensure that exhaust gas temperatures are not running too hot which could result in damage. Each diesel pyrometer comes with everything required for installation including a 1/8-27 NPT Type K Thermocouple EGT Probe with 3’ of Steel Braided Cable; a 6’ Stainless Steel Braided Sensor Harness and Mounting Hardware.

Trans Temp Gauge Installs To OBS F-Series

Black 7 Color Transmission Temperature Gauge

A Transmission Temperature Gauge is essential for any 1982-1986 Ford F-Series and helps you monitor OBS Ford transmission temperatures from 80° to 260° Fahrenheit. Included you’ll receive an Electronic Transmission Temperature Sensor with 1/8-27 NPT Male Threads, a 2’ Sensor & Power Harness, Mounting Hardware and other installation parts. One of the major factors in reducing the lifespan of a Bullnose F-Series transmission is overheating. Keep an eye on changing temperatures with incredibly accurate readings and avoid any unusual spikes.

Water Temp Gauge Mounts to F-Series 6.9 IDI

Black 7 Color Water Temperature Gauge

Monitor your Ford 6.9 IDI’s coolant temperature up to 300° Fahrenheit with unrivaled accuracy and make sure your diesel engine is at a steady temp to avoid overheating. A high reading could be an indicator of radiator blockage, a broken or malfunctioning fan belt, a shortage of water in the system, or the failure of a water pump or thermostat. This F-Series water temp gauge comes with a 1/8-27 NPT Electronic Water Temperature Sensor that has Bullet-Style Connectors. You’ll also receive a 2’ Sensor & Power Harness and Mounting Hardware.

Oil Pressure Gauge Compatible With OBS F-Series

Black 7 Color Oil Pressure Gauge

GlowShift Oil Pressure Gauges for the 1982-1986 Bullnose Ford F-Series F-150, F-250 & F-350 with a 4.9, 5.8 V8 or 6.9 Diesel V8 IDI displays precise readings from 0 to 100 PSI. These gauges come with a 1/8-27 NPT Electronic Oil Pressure Sensor, 9' Sensor Harness and more for installation. Monitor your Ford IDI’s oil pressure in real time to ensure that your bearings, crankshaft and other critical engine parts stay properly lubricated. You’ll be alerted immediately to any unusual dips or spikes in levels.

Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter For 82-86 F-Series IDI

3/4 unf-16 Thread Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter For 82-86 Ford F-Series 6.9L IDI 3/4 unf-16 Thread Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter For 82-86 Ford F-Series 6.9L IDI Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter

GlowShift Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter Plates with a 3/4 unf-16 Thread provide one of the easiest ways to install oil temperature or oil pressure senders without the need to drill into the oil pan or remove stock sensors. Each adapter is built from aluminum and designed to utilize the oil filter mounting point on the engine. This oil filter sandwich adapter has (1) 3/4 unf-16 Thread, (4) 1/8-27 NPT Ports, (4) Flush Mount Port Plugs, and an O-Ring for a leak-free seal.

Pillar Gauge Pod Made For 6.9 IDI

This truck-specific gauge pod for the OBS Ford is featured in black and mounts on top of the stock A-pillar trim. Install (3) 2-1/16” (52mm) gauges and easily view critical IDI readouts.

Fitment Details

Year Make Model Engine
1982 Ford F-Series F-150, F-250 & F-350 6.9L V8
1983 Ford F-Series F-150, F-250 & F-350 6.9L V8
1984 Ford F-Series F-150, F-250 & F-350 6.9L V8
1985 Ford F-Series F-150, F-250 & F-350 6.9L V8
1986 Ford F-Series F-150, F-250 & F-350 6.9L V8

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