GMC Sierra

1988 - 1994 GMC Sierra

1988 - 1994 GMC Sierra

You knew you were making the right move when you first got your GMC Sierra. Years later that decision’s still paying off with the demand you see these days for this full size truck. Between the square body style and the way this truck performs, there’s a reason why it’s earned its place as a classic. Do everything you can so that yours is around for years to come, and we’re here to help you make that happen. At GlowShift our focus is creating performance gauges and pods that help you maximize your 6.2L or 6.5L diesel engine. Our lineup of gauges monitor a wide range of applications to ensure that your Sierra is running at optimal levels. Each gauge comes with a choice of a unique Gauge Series which gives you the ability to customize the look of your gauges. Also choose between a black dual or triple pillar pod custom-made for the 1988-1994 Sierra which mounts to the existing A-pillar. Each pod is tough and durable, and can be painted using ABS plastic paint for a completely customized fit and finish. Gauge accessories are also available to go with our gauges and pods. Choose from adapters, wiring harnesses, drill and tap kits and more which help with the installation process. Purchase items individually or create fully customized gauge packages which combine both gauges and pods. It’s your call, and your opportunity to equip your Sierra with professional monitoring capability.

GlowShift offers several different Gauge Series which come with a unique set of features for your gauges. Choose between analog and digital displays, selectable ultra-bright LED color options for the display, a black or white gauge face, magnified clear or tinted lens and more. Not only will your gauges provide you with readings delivered with pinpoint accuracy, but they will also look great in your GMC’s interior. For the Sierra 2500HD/3500HD, we recommend the Black 7 Color Gauge Series. This extremely popular series features a black gauge face, magnified clear lens and ultra-bright selectable 7 color LED through dial lighting. The 7 LED solid color options are Blue, Green, Red, Teal, Yellow, Purple and White. In addition to the Solid Color Settings you will also have 2 Color Cycle Modes which sequentially display every color, a Color Recall Option, and other key features.

Sierra Custom Gauge Packages

Choose between the Black, White or Tinted 7 Color Gauge Series, 3 GlowShift Gauges, and also receive a Black Triple Pillar Pod made to match the factory A-pillar.

Choose a MaxTow Double Vision® Gauge Series, 3 Gauges, and also receive a Black Triple Pillar Pod made to match the factory A-pillar.

Experience an ultra-bright digital LED display and 10 solid color options, choose 3 GlowShift Gauges, and receive a Black Triple Pillar Pod made to match the factory A-pillar.

6.5L Diesel 35 PSI Boost Gauge

Black 7 Color 35 PSI Boost Gauge

GlowShift’s 35 PSI Boost Gauge is a great fit for any 88-94 Sierra that has a 6.5L or a 6.2L with aftermarket turbo added. You’ll have the ability to easily monitor your GMC’s turbo boost levels from 0 to 35 PSI through one gauge. Installing this gauge will help make sure your turbo is producing the right amount of boost, so you can avoid higher boost pressure levels which could potentially result in significant damage to your diesel engine. 88-94 Sierra stock levels run at about 7-12 PSI, but with a tuned diesel engine those boost pressure levels can go much higher, which is why the 35 PSI boost gauge is an ideal fit. This mechanical gauge comes with everything required for the install, including 9’ of Boost Line and ⅛-27 NPT Compression Fittings which give you access to extremely accurate readings when you drill and tap your intake manifold. Complete with all of the color options and lighting effects that come standard with these gauges, the interior of your Sierra will be upgraded and enhanced by the addition of this gauge.

6.2L & 6.5L Diesel 1500 EGT Gauge

Black 7 Color 1500° F Pyrometer EGT Gauge

The 1500° F Pyrometer EGT Gauge is essential for anyone driving a 1988-1994 GMC Sierra Full Size Truck 2500HD/3500HD who is pushing for maximum output out of their 6.2L or 6.5L diesel. This gauge will ensure that your exhaust temperature is not running too hot which could result in engine failure, displaying readings from 0 to 1500° Fahrenheit. The installation process for the included EGT Probe involves drilling and tapping the exhaust manifold to 1/8-27 NPT and then threading and tightening the included EGT Probe. Readings up to 1500° apply to most GMC trucks, with this gauge typically being enough to cover the range regardless of the engine size. This 1500 EGT gauge is also designed for Sierra Full Size Trucks that are traveling longer distances and towing heavy loads, two factors which can at times put more stress on the engine and generate higher exhaust gas temperatures. This Sierra EGT gauge comes with everything required for installation, including the 1/8-27 NPT Type K Thermocouple EGT Probe with a Waterproof Connector that features 3’ of steel braided cable and 1/8-27 NPT threads. The EGT probe and power connections are made utilizing seamless Plug and Play connectivity. GlowShift’s EGT gauge also comes with a 2’ power harness and 6’ steel braided sensor harness with waterproof connector that plugs into the probe’s connector.

6.2L & 6.5L Diesel Trans Temp Gauge

Black 7 Color Transmission Temperature Gauge

A Transmission Temperature Gauge goes hand-in-hand with monitoring 88-94 Sierra 4L80-E transmissions, especially when these trucks are towing heavy loads. This gauge allows you to closely monitor the temperature of your transmission, ensuring that it does not overheat causing significant damage. Once you connect the included electronic transmission temperature sensor with 1/8-27 NPT male threads, this trans temp gauge will take extremely accurate readings from 80° to 260° Fahrenheit. One of the major factors in reducing the life of a Sierra’s transmission is overheating, and one of the main reasons a truck transmission overheats is due to the strain of towing larger and heavier amounts of cargo. A Sierra trans temp gauge will monitor transmission temperatures during a larger haul and alert you in the event of temperature spikes. Another issue is older transmission fluid. Older transmission fluid will be less effective at performing its primary functions, one of the most important of which is keeping the system cool. The typical range for transmission fluid temperature is between 175° and 225°, and keeping within that average range is vital to your engine and 4L80-E transmission’s long term performance. By having a trans temp gauge, you’ll be kept one step ahead of any possible issues involving overheating that could potentially seize your transmission.

6.2L & 6.5L 30 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge

Black 7 Color 30 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge

The 30 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge displays readings from 0 to 30 PSI. It’s the right gauge for any Sierra Full Size Truck since they run on lower fuel pressure, with an average stock PSI range of 3 to 7 PSI. This gauge ensures your fuel pressure is running at peak levels, and that it is not too low which could result in damage to your fuel pump or injectors, resulting in a loss of overall horsepower. A fuel gauge is vital to any 88-94 Sierra 6.2L or 6.5L engine by helping drivers maintain their diesel’s performance through consistent monitoring of pressure levels while driving. Doing so not only benefits your GMC truck in the short term but also helps to preserve engine life over time. The 30 PSI Sierra fuel pressure gauge comes with parts required for installation as well. Included is an Electronic Fuel Pressure Sensor with ⅛-27 NPT Male Threads, 9’ Sensor Harness and a 2’ Power Harness.

6.2L & 6.5L Diesel Gauge Pods

Black Triple Pillar Pod that is mounted to the factory A-pillar and holds 3 GlowShift Gauges. Can also be painted using ABS plastic paint.

Black Partial Mount Dual Pillar Pod that is mounted to the factory A-pillar and holds 2 GlowShift Gauges. Can also be painted using ABS plastic paint.

Fitment Details

Year Make Model Engine
1988 GMC Sierra, 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD 6.2L & 6.5L Detroit Diesel
1989 GMC Sierra, 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD 6.2L & 6.5L Detroit Diesel
1990 GMC Sierra, 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD 6.2L & 6.5L Detroit Diesel
1991 GMC Sierra, 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD 6.2L & 6.5L Detroit Diesel
1992 GMC Sierra, 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD 6.2L & 6.5L Detroit Diesel
1993 GMC Sierra, 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD 6.2L & 6.5L Detroit Diesel
1994 GMC Sierra, 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD 6.2L & 6.5L Detroit Diesel