GlowShift Gauges About Us

Boost/Vac Gauge

Our 45 PSI Boost/Vacuum Gauge hit the ground running for any turbocharged car on increased horsepower.

Mechanical Series

We added more gauges to our Mechanical Series which has a traditional analog look with a chrome body and white LEDs.

Metric Gauges

10 Color Digital Bar Pressure Gauges were introduced including Boost/Vac, Oil Pressure, Dual BAR Pressure and more.


Vent Pods

We expanded our inventory of pods by developing vent gauge pods that install to a vehicle’s factory vent.

Vehicle Specific Pods

Pillar pods, dashboard pods and more were created for the Ford F-Series, Chevy C10 and many other makes and models.

Boost Pressure Gauges

The 7 Color Series 20 PSI Boost Gauge made its debut for low boost applications and older turbo diesels.


Adjusting to the impact of COVID-19 on businesses throughout the U.S. and the world, GlowShift remained open and fully operational for our customers while strictly adhering to state and federal pandemic guidelines.

Build Series

We kicked off our Build Video Series with a complete overhaul of a 2017 Ford Mustang GT S550.

3in1 Series Gauge Pods

New custom made truck-specific 3in1 Series A-pillar Gauge Pods were added to the 3in1 lineup.

Dual 10 Color Digital Gauges Released

Dual Temp & Pressure Gauges released in 10 Color Digital Series.

Various Mounting Locations

GlowShift releases updated Quad Gauge Pods for First Gen Cummins, GTO Dash Pods, G-Body Console Pods.


Year of New Pods

GlowShift releases a number of new pods including Ford F-150, Silverado/Sierra Pods, Corvette & S-10 Pods, E-Series Vans & Jeep pods.

Quad Air Pressure Gauge

First of its kind, 4 Digital readout Air Suspension Gauge in 10 Color Digital Series allowing users to monitor all 4 corners.

Ambient Temperature Gauge

First for GlowShift, an Ambient Temperature or Outside Temperature Gauge that allows users to see outside temperature in real-time.

Underdash Mounting Brackets

GlowShift releases Single, Dual, Triple & Quad Underdash Mounting Brackets as a commitment to keep all universal applications up to date.

Liquid Filled Mechanical Fuel Pressure Gauges

GlowShift develops a bombproof Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge in both 15 and 100 PSI readings.

6 Gauge Dashboard Set

For the first time ever, GlowShift releases pre-packed 6 Gauge Sets of essential gauges as a cluster replacement for custom cars.

Needle Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges

GlowShift releases an analog wideband gauge to match the existing 7 Color Gauge Series product line.

Dual Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges

GlowShift releases a Dual Wideband Gauge with 4.9 LSU Sensors and the ability to now read left and right exhaust bank for improved tuning capabilities.


New Era of Gauges

The MaxTow Double Vision Gauge Series added a blue option to the series, allowing customers to choose from a black or white face with either a green or blue LED display.

We entered the new era of digital gauges by introducing the 10 Color Digital Gauge Series. The first digital gauge series to offer 10 different selectable color options with 2 additional modes, giving you the ability to personalize your gauges to your preference.

New Headquarters

GlowShift moved to a location that allows all of its departments to be housed under one roof to continue to provide a quality experience by keeping its customer support, marketing and technical team in-house, while also having room for future endeavors.


Introducing The New Tinted Series

The Tinted Series was revamped from the previous model released in 2005 with improvements to both performance and style.

The Launch of MaxTow

The MaxTow Double Vision Gauge Series launched in 2012 offering truck drivers the best of both worlds, with the classic look of an analog gauge with a black face, while also giving you an easy to read green digital numerical readout.


Stepper Motor Gauges

GlowShift updated its gauge series by adding Stepper Motor Technology to give you the perfect combination of extremely accurate readings with incredibly smooth needle movement.

The 3-in-1 Gauge

With simplicity in mind, GlowShift invented the 3-in-1 Gauge Series offering three different readings all in one gauge.


Digital & 10 Color Expansion

The Digital Gauge Series was expanded to add a Red LED display option.

The Elite 10 Color Gauge Series was introduced and offered users 10 selectable colors to fit their preference.

Big Year, Big Things

The limited edition Gray 7 Color Series was launched.(This style would later be discontinued).

In 2008, GlowShift drove its brand awareness by attending major car events including the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and Hot Import Nights in Miami Beach.

GlowShift became one of the first brands to guarantee same day shipping to its customers by ensuring shipments placed by a specific time left their warehouse that day!

Diesel packages were introduced, offering diesel customers a complete set of gauges essential for any diesel vehicle.

GlowShift introduced its first digital gauge, the Blue Digital Gauge which offered users a blue LED digital numerical readout for quick glance readings.


Tech Support & Expansion

The updated 7 Color Series was expanded by offering the gauge with a black or white face and clear magnified lens.

Also expanded was the product guarantee to include in-house expert technical support with each purchase.

The Next Series

The Tinted 7 Color Gauge Series was introduced, offering users a black gauge face with a tinted magnified lens and 7 selectable colors for adding more customization to your vehicle’s interior.


New Products

GlowShift unleashed a variety of gauge pods specifically designed to fit import specific and tuner brand vehicles.

Additionally, the Tinted Gauge Series was created and offered users high performance features with a black face and a low profile tinted lens with white LED backlighting.

The Beginnings

During a time where the aftermarket car products industry was solely based off of catalog orders, GlowShift emerged to change the buying experience by selling directly to the customers via the web, while providing in-house customer support. GlowShift Gauges hit the ground running by offering reliable gauges to the tuner and import specific audience to monitor their most vital functions.

GlowShift began with launching their first version of the 7 Color Gauge Series. This series featured a white face with 7 selectable face color options. To this day, the revamped version of this series remains to be a top choice among buyers.