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White Elite 10 Color 3 3/4" In Dash Speedometer Gauge

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Optional External Warning Light
GPS Speedometer Sensor Kit
On Dash Pedestal Mounting Bracket

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GlowShift’s White Elite 10 Color Series 3 ¾ Inch In-Dash Speedometer includes some ultra-high performance features, making it perfect for anyone building a custom dash or replacing their stock speedometer. This speedometer reads from 0 to 140 MPH, and features a digital LED display with two resettable trip meters, making it perfect for any car or truck.

This 3 ¾ inch (95mm) speedometer offers ultra-high performance features like, a peak recall function, two programmable warning functions, stepper motor technology, 10 color through dial LED lighting, as well as a self-calibration mode at startup, an illuminated red needle, and an easy to read magnified lens. The two adjustable warning functions will alert you visually or with an optional audible tone, to alert you when you are reaching a certain levels of speed, and the peak recall function gives you instant vehicle feedback after you’re done your run. The included stepper motor allows all needle movement to be incredibly smooth and all gauge readings to be exceptionally accurate. GlowShift’s 10 color through dial lighting allows you to match your stock gauges or add a custom look to your vehicle’s interior, and with the color recall feature you won’t have to worry about resetting the gauge to your preferred color every time your vehicle is turned on. This in-dash speedometer will also dim 30% when connected to your factory headlight switch, making it easy to read while driving at night.

GlowShift’s White Elite 10 Color Series 3 ¾ Inch In-Dash Speedometer can be mounted into your factory or custom dashboard with the included mounting bracket, and is installed by connecting the included color coded wire harness to your speed sensor signal. For vehicles with a cable driven speedometer, an electronic speed sensor may be required; if you have vehicle specific installation questions please contact our technical support department. The included wire harnesses are completely plug and play, and securely snap into the back of the gauge with the featured modular connectors. This speedometer is powered by 12 volts and allows you to power an additional three Elite 10 gauges with the daisy chain feature. GlowShift includes free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with every White Elite 10 Color Series Gauge.

Adding GlowShift’s GPS Speedometer Sensor Kit is the easiest way to monitor your vehicle’s driving speed without requiring an adapter and a lengthy installation process. This GPS speedometer sensor kit features plug and play connectivity that allows for a quick connection to any GlowShift Speedometer Gauge. The GPS antenna measures at 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.5" with 9.5' of wire and can be installed anywhere on the vehicle with a clear line of sight to the sky such as the roof, dashboard or on top of the trunk. Going through any enclosed areas such as tunnels or garages will obstruct and drop the signal until the antenna regains a clear line of sight to the sky. The GPS signal harness measures at 2" x 0.75" x 0.38" with 3' of wire that connects to a 12 volt power source, engine ground source and speedometer signal source from the gauge. Click here to learn more about the GPS Speedometer Sensor Kit.

  • 3 ¾ Inch White Face Gauge with a Magnified Lens
  • Gauge Depth Measures 7/8 of an Inch
  • Reads from 0 to 10,000 RPM
  • Can be Installed into any 1 through 10 Cylinder Vehicle
  • Peak Recall Ability
  • Audible/Visual Programmable High and Low Warnings
  • 10 Color LED Through Dial Lighting with Color Recall Ability
  • 10 Solid Color Settings and Two Color Cycle Modes
  • Dimmer Wire Allows the Gauge to Dim 30%
  • 6 Foot Tachometer Signal Wire
  • 3 3/4" In Dash Mounting Bracket
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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