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Boost Gauge Buyer's Guide

A boost gauge is the most vital pressure instrument one can choose for their vehicle if it is running a turbo or supercharger. It is extremely vital to monitor the crucial levels of your engine’s vacuum and compression levels to avoid potentially serious damage to your engine. The range of a typical boost meter is 0 to 30 PSI (pounds per square inch) of boost pressure. Boost gauges are usually mounted on the driver’s side pillar or dashboard using one of many vehicle specific or universal gauge pods available that we offer. With many different designs and models available, it can be difficult to decide which gauge will be applicable to your specific needs.

GlowShift’s boost gauges are available in a variety of styles and configurations offered both PSI and BAR readings, as well as 52mm and 60mm models. The more budget minded consumer will often look for gauges that feature a quality design with a simple offering of features, should they not require more advanced abilities. However, for the more serious consumer, you may want a turbo meter that is not only built with exceptional quality, but also packs a collection of advanced features including high and low warnings, peak recall functions and smoother needle movement driven through Stepper Motor Technology. What is Stepper Motor Technology? Stepper Motor Technology allows for extremely smooth and accurate needle movements through its electronically driven internal components and gears, providing unmatched results.

One popular accessory many choose along with their boost gauge is an electronic or manual boost controller, which allows you to control the boost level coming from your intake manifold. While using your boost gauge to monitor and determine your desired boost level, you can set the desired boost level with your controller. However, increasing boost levels must be done properly and in accordance with the limits of your engine. Failure to do this properly could result in serious and costly damage to your engine.

Installing a boost gauge is a simple process. Depending on whether you are installing an electronic or mechanical boost gauge will determine any additional steps you might have to complete to ensure a proper installation. Mechanical turbo gauges require splitting the vacuum line, inserting the T-Fitting and then running the vacuum hose directly to the back of your gauge. Electronic gauges require running the vacuum line to the electronic sensor and then connecting the sensor wire to the back of the gauge. This method ensures the vacuum line will not get pinched from the firewall, preventing any loss of vacuum pressure. Connecting power to the gauge requires it to be connected to a constant 12 volt source.

GlowShift offers a variety of exceptionally designed boost gauges offered in several models to choose from with each offering their own set of unique abilities, while being offered at an affordable price. Our 7 Color Gauge Series are among GlowShift’s most popular gauge series and are available in three different options: Black 7 Series, Tinted 7 Series and White 7 Series. As the name suggests, this series features our 7 Color LED Through-Dial Lighting with numerous color modes, as well as Stepper Motor Technology for supreme accuracy. GlowShift’s Digital Gauge Series offers a collection of simple, yet highly effective and reliable features such as fully electronic sensors, a calibration start up sequence to ensure proper gauge readings and connections, as well as an easy to read digital LED display built in a sleek, ultra-thin design. The Elite 10 Color Gauge Series features electronic sensors and Stepper Motor Technology for optimal performance results as well as high and low warnings, peak recall and is LED illuminated with 10 different colors to match your vehicle’s stock dash.

If you have any questions regarding any turbo boost gauge or gauge series, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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