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Replacement Elite Series Sensor Harness
  • Replacement Elite Series Sensor Harness

Replacement Elite Series Sensor Harness

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GlowShift's Replacement Elite Series Sensor Harness will replace the existing sensor harness connector for your Elite Series Gauge. These sensor harnesses are only compatible with GlowShift's Elite 10 Color Series Gauges.

Please refer to the chart below to see if your gauge is compatible with the following harnesses:

Boost/Vac & Vacuum
  • 30 PSI Boost/Vacuum Gauge
    GS-ET01, GS-EWT01
  • Vacuum Guage
    GS-ET03, GS-EWT03
  • Water Temperature Gauge
    GS-ET06, GS-EWT06
  • Oil Temperature Gauge
    GS-ET07, GS-EWT07
  • Transmission Temperature Gauge
    GS-ET12, GS-EWT12
Pressure & 60 PSI Boost
  • 60 PSI Boost Gauge
    GS-ET01_60, GS-EWT01_60
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
    GS-ET04, GS-EWT04
  • 100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge
    GS-ET11, GS-EWT11
  • 30 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge
    GS-ET11_30, GS-EWT11_30
  • Nitrous Pressure Gauge
    GS-ET14, GS-EWT14
  • 2200° F Exhaust Gas Temp Gauge
    GS-ET08, GS-EWT08
  • 1500° F Pyrometer EGT Gauge
    GS-ET08_1500, GS-EWT08_1500
Air/Fuel, Tach & Fuel Level
  • Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
    GS-ET02, GS-EWT02
  • 2" Tachometer Gauge
    GS-ET10, GS-EWT10
  • Fuel Level Gauge
    GS-ET15, GS-EWT15
  • 3 3/4" In-Dash Tachometer
    GS-ET16, GS-EWT16
  • 3 3/4" In-Dash Speedometer
    GS-ET17, GS-EWT17
Wire Harness
Gauge Type
Gauge Type
Gauge Type
Gauge Type
Transmission Temperature
Gauge Type
Water Temperature
Gauge Type
Oil Temperature
Gauge Type
Fuel Pressure
Gauge Type
Oil Pressure
Gauge Type
Nitrous Pressure
Gauge Type
Exhaust Temperature
Gauge Type
Air/Fuel Ratio
Gauge Type
Gauge Type
Fuel Level

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