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Replacement Temperature Sensor

Replacement Temperature Sensor

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This Replacement Temperature Sensor is equipped with 2 wires, a black for ground and a white for a signal that will connect to the gauge. The sensor features a 1/8-27 NPT male thread for an easy connection to the temperature source. The overall length is 1 1/4” with a diameter of 1/2”.

Note: 2013 & Earlier Production Temperature Sensor Models are branded with "APD" on the thread. 2014 & Newer Production Temperature Sensor Models are branded with "GS" on the thread. Gauges that labeled with "1TS" will require a newer "GS" Style Sensor.
Please verify the temperature sensor model your gauge is using before purchasing.

Please refer to the chart below to see if this sensor is compatible with your gauge.

7 Color Gauge Series
  • Water Temperature Gauge
    GS-T706, GS-C706, GS-W706
  • Oil Temperature Gauge
    GS-T707, GS-C707, GS-W707
  • Transmission Temperature Gauge
    GS-T712, GS-C712, GS-W712
  • Differential Temperature Gauge
    GS-T722, GS-C722, GS-W722
Elite 10 Color Gauge Series
  • Water Temperature Gauge
    GS-ET06, GS-EWT06
  • Oil Temperature Gauge
    GS-ET07, GS-EWT07
  • Transmission Temperature Gauge
    GS-ET12, GS-EWT12
10 Color Digital Gauge Series
  • Water Temperature Gauge
    GS-TCD06, GS-TCD06
  • Oil Temperature Gauge
    GS-TCD07, GS-TCD07
  • Transmission Temperature Gauge
    GS-TCD12, GS-TCD12
Tinted Gauge Series
  • Water Temperature Gauge
  • Oil Temperature Gauge
  • Transmission Temperature Gauge
3in1 Combo Gauge Series
  • 3in1 Combo Gauges w/ Temperature
    GS-3G-01, GS-3G-02, GS-3G-05, GS-3G-06,
    GS-3G-07, GS-3G-08, GS-3G-21, GS-3G-21-BAR, GS-3G-22
Blue & Red Digital Gauge Series
  • Water Temperature Gauge
    GS-BD06, GS-RD06
  • Oil Temperature Gauge
    GS-BD07, GS-RD07
  • Transmission Temperature Gauge
    GS-BD12, GS-RD12
Gauge Type
Water Temperature
Gauge Type
Oil Temperature
Gauge Type
Transmission Temperature
Gauge Type
Differential Temperature

Product Reviews

4 product reviews
Write A Review

  1. Pretty and tuff

    I've a got a few of these gauges now for my Jeep Jk Rubicon. Change of the face colour to suite your preference or match your vehicle's dash lights at the push of a button. Clear to read and hardy enough to survive off road use. The only (minor) issue is they don't dim down at night as much as I would like, but so far I've been able to live with that. Otherwise top product at a very reasonable price.

    Posted by on

  2. Temperature sensor

    Because of the position that this sensor needs to be in on my pan the wires are not guarded and break very easily. This is the 3rd sensor in a year.

    Posted by on

  3. Solid.

    This sensor works great and It is solid quality. The wires are secured correctly, and the top is sealed as it should be. The earlier sensor I had from Glowshift chaffed the wires when pulled, or when they layed 90 degress and vibrarion occured. I am glad to see they fixed that issue with this design by using more sealant and covering the sharp edges. My gauge now reads the same temp as my infrared thermometer.

    Posted by on

  4. Pretty great!

    I put it on the testbench and discovered it is a standard NTC 10k thermistor, which is great because the immersible ones are a little hard to find. This means it will work with a common inexpensive programmable digital thermostat for my project, a transmission oil cooler. Note that this compatibility is only true for the ‘GS’ sensor.

    Posted by on

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