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Black 7 Color 4 Gauge Diesel Set Unboxed

Black 7 Color Series 4 Gauge Diesel Set

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Monitor the State of Your Diesel Engine
GlowShift’s Black 7 Color Series 4 Gauge Diesel Set is the ultimate kit for truck owners looking to monitor 4 of the most vital elements of their diesel engine. This diesel gauge set includes 60 PSI Boost, your choice of either a 1500° or 2400° Exhaust Gas Temperature, Transmission Temperature and 100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauges that come complete with all necessary sensors, fittings and wiring harnesses needed to obtain those critical readings.

Black 7 Color Series Features
Each included diesel gauge features a black gauge face with an illuminated red needle and clear lens. Each gauge features a diameter of 2-1/16” (52mm), allowing you to mount them to your truck’s A-pillar in a quad gauge pillar pod or on the dashboard. Pressing the button on the gauge allows you to choose from 7 different solid colors to match your factory dashboard lights. The featured 7 colors include blue, green, red, white, yellow, purple and teal, as well as 2 color cycle modes that utilize each color. Connecting these gauges to the factory headlight switch source allows the gauges to dim 30% for an easier viewing experience when driving at night.

GlowShift’s Guarantee
Glowshift includes installation instructions, free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with each purchase.

Breakdown of Included Gauges:

60 PSI Boost Gauge
The Boost Gauge reads your diesel truck’s turbo pressure from 0 to 60 PSI by using the included 1/8-27 NPT brass compression fittings and 9’ of nylon boost hose that install to the intake manifold. This mechanical boost gauge is vital to ensure your turbo is performing at an optimum level and not over-boosting which could cause critical engine damage.

Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge
The Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge reads from either 0° to 1500° or 0° to 2400° Fahrenheit using the included type K thermocouple EGT probe that features 1/8-27 NPT threads and 3’ of steel braided cable with a waterproof connector. This electronically driven EGT gauge’s probe installs to the exhaust manifold by drilling and tapping a hole to 1/8-27 NPT using GlowShift’s Drill and Tap Kit. The included sensor wire harness features steel braided cable, a waterproof connector and an extended length of 6’ to ensure you will have more than enough wire to reach from the exhaust manifold to the back of the gauge.

Transmission Temperature Gauge
The Transmission Temperature Gauge reads transmission fluid temperature from 80° to 260° Fahrenheit with the included electronic 1/8-27 NPT sensor that installs to the test port or cooler feed line. This gauge is perfect for the diesel truck owner who is pushing the truck to its limits by towing heavy loads over long distances and wants to keep a close eye on those vital temperatures. Transmission temperature sensor adapters may be required to obtain these readings.

100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge
The Fuel Pressure Gauge reads from 0 to 100 PSI with the included electronic 1/8-27 NPT pressure sensor that installs to the fuel filter housing to obtain readings directly from the source. The included sensor wire harness features an extended length of 9’ to ensure you have more than enough wire that reaches from the fuel filter to the back of the gauge. This gauge is vital for viewing the performance of your fuel system in real time. Low fuel pressure levels could result in a loss of horsepower or damage to the fuel pump and injectors. Additional fuel pressure sensor threading adapters may be required if your diesel truck does not come equipped with a female 1/8-27 NPT thread.

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Black 7 Color Series
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7 Colors
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GlowShift 4 Gauge Diesel Set - Boost, EGT, Transmission Temperature & Fuel Pressure Gauges - 2-1/16" | 52mm - Black 7 Color Series Package

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