Air Suspension Gauges – Why are they needed?

Posted by Erica on May 02, 2018

Do you have an aftermarket air suspension system installed to your vehicle? Are you monitoring the changing air pressures in the tank and air bags? If you are not running an air suspension gauge, it’s time to think about choosing one.

GlowShift’s Air Pressure Gauges are essential for any vehicle with air brakes or an aftermarket air suspension system installed. Monitoring and adjusting your air suspension’s pressure is extremely important because it directly affects the way your vehicle rides. If you’re riding with an inadequate amount of pressure, then your vehicle could be too low to the ground, which could cause damage to the parts under your vehicle from being lined up incorrectly. If you’re riding with too much air pressure in your air tank or bags, the excessive pressure could cause a fitting to blow. The Air Suspension Gauge allows you to monitor the elements of your air suspension system that are important to maintain the riding height and quality of your vehicle.

GlowShift’s Air Suspension Gauges allow you to monitor the changing pressure outputs of your air suspension system. GlowShift offers electronical and mechanical air suspension gauge models that are available in either analog or digital readouts. GlowShift carries single and dual needle air pressure gauges, as well as dual digital air suspension gauges. The air suspension gauges will let you know when to add more pressure to your air bags due to road imperfections or release pressure for a lowered, custom look. When choosing an air pressure gauge, make sure to know which components you want to monitor such as tank pressure or valve pressure.

The single readout air pressure gauges are mechanically driven and read from 0-200 PSI. GlowShift offers single needle air pressure gauges in the Black, White, or Tinted 7 Color Series, as well as the Tinted Gauge Series.

The dual readout air suspension gauges are available in the Black, Tinted, and White 7 Color Series Dual Needle Air Suspension Gauges. These three different styles feature two analog needles for separate readings from 0-200 PSI and utilize two 1/8 NPT electronic pressure sensors. The dual gauge will allow you to monitor two different locations on your air system, such as the pump itself and an air tank by using the two pressure sensors to display the readouts from two locations of your air suspension system. The electronic sensors eliminate the need to run a lengthy air hose directly to the back of the gauge, cutting down the installation time. These gauges feature stepper motor technology which provides for precise pressure readings and smooth needle movement.

The MaxTow Double Vision Gauge Series provides a dual readout as well. One readout in the form of analog with the illuminated red needle and one readout in the form of the green LED digital display. The MaxTow Air Pressure Gauges are available in a black or white face.The MaxTow Air Pressure Gauge is electronically driven and reads from 0 to 200 PSI.

The dual digital air pressure gauges are offered in two different styles, the Black 7 Dual Digital Air Suspension Gauge and the Tinted 7 Dual Digital Air Suspension Gauge. Both styles feature a dual LED display and read from 0-220 PSI, while utilizing electronic pressure sensors with 1/8 NPT threads making them an easy install to any air tank, valve, or air hose.

Each air suspension and air pressure gauge come standard with all the sensors and necessary mounting hardware, as well as installation instructions, free lifetime technical support, and a one year limited warranty.