10 Color Digital Series Boost Vac Combo Gauges for Cars and Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Jul 19, 2021

10 Color Digital Boost Vac Combo Gauges
  • Boost Vacuum Combo Gauges
  • Wideband, Temp or Pressure Versions
  • 10 Color Digital Series
  • 2 Key Readings In 1 Gauge
  • Readouts with Pinpoint Precision
  • Black Gauge Dial and Tinted Lens
  • 10 Display LED Color Settings
  • Optimal For Any Custom Dash

We’re making the move to really dive into our 10 Color Digital Gauge Series and expand the number of combo gauges we offer. Up until now we’ve had some pretty killer options like a Dual Pyrometer EGT Gauge, Dual Air Pressure Gauge and a Dual Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Gauge.

The goal now is to give our customers even more versions to choose from. And the latest set is a little bit different because it really focuses on two totally different kinds of readings in one gauge. That said, we just launched three Boost Vacuum Combo Gauges that combine boost pressure and vacuum/compression levels with three other respective readouts.

Check out GlowShift’s Boost/Vacuum & Wideband AFR Gauge, Boost/Vacuum & Temperature Gauge and Boost/Vacuum & Pressure Gauge. With these 2-1/16” (52mm) gauges you’re getting two critical readouts wrapped into one for enhanced monitoring capability.

The 10 Color Digital Series has a flat gauge face, black gauge dial, low profile tinted lens, and 10 solid color options for the LED display. Not only does it look great inside your car or truck, but it delivers feedback with pinpoint accuracy through incredibly responsive digital readouts.

With the wideband boost gauge combo you’re getting two separate digital readings for boost pressure and vacuum levels from -30 inHG to 45 PSI, and wideband air fuel ratios from 10 to 20 AFR. The turbo boost and temperature gauge gives you the same Boost/Vac range plus temperature readings from 68° to 302° Fahrenheit. You can install the included temperature sensor and take either Water, Oil, Trans Temp, or Differential Temperature readings. The Boost/Vac + Pressure Gauge has a similar formula, with identical boost and vacuum readings as well as pressure readings from 0 to 100 PSI. Like the temperature readings, you can install the included pressure sensor for Oil or Fuel Pressure readings.

Needless to say, a lot of benefits come with these boost combo gauges. You’re only installing one gauge instead of two, so you’re cutting down on installation time and taking up less space on your A-pillar, dash, or another area of your vehicle. You’ll also have less wire clutter to deal with inside your gauge pod and under the hood.

We can’t wait to get these 10 Color Digital Series Boost Combo Gauges installed in our own cars and trucks. We’ll see where it goes, but we’re confident our fellow drivers will approve of these gauges too. And there’s a pretty good chance we’ll have plenty more versions to come.