10 Color Digital Series Fuel Level Gauge For Your Custom Dash

Posted by Matt P. on Jul 30, 2021

10 Color Digital Fuel Level Gauge
  • Diesel Tachometer RPM Gauge
  • For Any Diesel Car or Truck
  • Requested By Customers
  • Add to Your Custom Dash
  • Monitor From 0 to 5,000 RPM
  • Pinpoint Accurate Readouts
  • Pick a 7 Color Series
  • 6' Tachometer Signal Wire

Ever think about switching out your stock analog fuel level gauge for a digital version? If you are, then you’re in the right place. We have one that would be a solid addition to any car or truck.

We just finished up our 10 Color Digital Series Fuel Level Gauge. It reads from 0 to 100% with incredible accuracy so you’ll always know exactly where your fuel level is. Standard analog fuel gauges are great too, but this one’s a pretty cool upgrade that gives you a much different experience.

Compatible With The Following OHM Resistance Levels
  • 0Ω (E) - 30Ω (F)
  • 0Ω (E) - 90Ω (F)
  • 0Ω (E) - 120Ω (F)
  • 10Ω (E) - 180Ω (F)
  • 16Ω (E) - 158Ω (F)
  • 40Ω (E) - 250Ω (F)
  • 73Ω (E) - 10Ω (F)
  • 107.5Ω (E) - 7Ω (F)
  • 131Ω (E) - 12Ω (F)
  • 240Ω (E) - 33Ω (F)

Anytime we drive, we’re checking our fuel levels. With this aftermarket fuel level gauge you get an ultra-bright digital LED display. On top of that you get 10 different solid color settings for the display. Your call with Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Teal, Purple, Pink, Amber and Orange to toggle between. There’s also a Color Cycle Mode and Color Fade Mode that scroll through all of the colors.

This electronic fuel level gauge is perfect for anyone building a custom dash. If you’re putting together a set of digital gauges, or doing a mix of both analog and digital, this gauge will fit right in. With the 10 color options you can either match the display of the other gauges, or set up a custom look that makes this electronic fuel tank level gauge stand out by itself.

You’re also getting a complete digital fuel level gauge kit. The 2’ Power Harness has a 2’ Sensor Leader Wire. There’s a Mounting Bracket, Hardware, a Gauge Visor, and Install Instructions to walk you through. Hook it up to the factory sensor, set the OHM level, and you’re ready to go.