10 Color Digital Series Gauges In Celsius For Drivers Worldwide

Posted by Matt P. on Jan 27, 2021

10 Color Digital Series Celsius Gauges
  • Celsius Temperature Gauges
  • For Drivers Outside the U.S.
  • EGT, Water Temp, Trans Temp, Oil Temp
  • Readings with Pinpoint Precision
  • 10 Color Digital Series
  • Digital LED Display
  • Low Profile Tinted Lens
  • 10 Color Settings

Fahrenheit’s the standard in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole other world out there taking readings in Celsius. Because there literally is. And that’s where the idea for our set of celsius temperature gauges came from.

We heard from customers all over via phone, email, chat and social media, calling for temperature gauges based in Celsius. We got the message -- loud and clear -- and it motivated us to make it happen. Now we’re proud to say you have the option of Celsius temp gauges like Pyrometer EGT, Transmission Temperature, Water Temperature, Oil Temperature gauges and more.

With our 10 Color Digital Series Metric Gauges, we set out to make a gauge that not only provides readings with pinpoint accuracy, but also looks great at the same time. With this series you’re getting a powerfully-illuminated digital LED display with 10 solid color options, a flat black gauge face and a low profile tinted lens. That translates to a gauge that also looks great inside your car or truck

So there you have it. Our lineup of Celsius metric gauges for trans temp, EGT, oil temp and more featuring our 10 Color Digital Gauge Series. We’re especially happy with the way they came together since this product launch wasn’t internal, but the result of our customers and fans steering us in this direction.

The result has been a lot of positive feedback from Canada, areas in Europe, parts of Asia and more where our customers are pleased that we made the move to bring them metric gauges tailor-made for Celsius readouts. Keep the comments coming -- we love to hear what you think. Our GlowShift family is global, and we’re glad to develop products that connect with everyone, everywhere.