10 Color Series Digital Clock Gauge For Your Custom Dash

Posted by Matt P. on May 12, 2022

52mm Digital Clock Gauge for Cars and Trucks
  • 52mm Digital Clock Gauge
  • Build a Custom Dash
  • Replace a Stock Gauge
  • Electronically Driven
  • 10 Color Digital Series
  • 10 Display Color Settings
  • 2' Power Harness
  • Mounting Hardware

Over the past couple of years we got so many requests from customers for a digital clock gauge. Well, we heard you loud and clear and we were happy to deliver.

Our 52mm Digital Clock Gauge takes the look and impact of a standard clock gauge to another level. The 10 Color Digital Series has a bright digital LED display, magnified tinted lens, black gauge dial, and 10 color settings for the display. It will instantly upgrade the look of any car or truck’s interior.

It’s such a simple gauge, but it does so much for any driver working on a custom dash or looking to replace a stock gauge. With the 10 different colors you can either match other gauges in the cluster or set up your own look. This digital clock gauge is incredibly responsive and has readings in 12-hour or 24-hour increments.

Installation is pretty straightforward. We include a 2’ Power Harness which you can connect to your application’s battery or any 12 volt power source. There’s also a Mounting Bracket with Hardware so you have the option of mounting the gauge to the dash, console or basically any flat surface.

We also have different types of gauge pods like A-pillar pods, dashboard pods and cluster bezel pods. So you have lots of different mounting options depending on the kind of look you want to achieve.

Enhance the inside of your car or truck with GlowShift’s 10 Color Series 52mm Digital Clock Gauge. A standard clock gauge just won’t cut it anymore after you see what this version can do. If you’re modifying your dash or tweaking your factory gauge cluster, swing by and we’ll be happy to tell you more about this gauge which is key to custom work.