2 Key Readouts with 10 Color Series Dual Digital Combo Gauges

Posted by Matt P. on May 12, 2022

10 Color Series Dual Digital Combo Gauges
  • Dual Digital Combo Gauges
  • 10 Color Gauge Series
  • Monitor 2 Readings
  • Ultra-Bright Digital Display
  • 10 LED Color Settings
  • Unique Color for Each Reading
  • Sensors Included
  • Wiring Kits & Hardware

Analog gauges deliver that classic look, but there’s something about digital gauges that make them a must-have for any dash. We decided to take that a step further by giving drivers the ability to view two digital readings at the same time.

Our latest 10 Color Series Dual Digital Combo Gauges include a 60 PSI Boost and EGT Gauge Kit, a Nitrous Pressure and Pressure Gauge, and a Pyrometer EGT and Temperature Gauge.

The Pyrometer EGT and Boost Gauge combo was highly requested by customers. The NOS Pressure and Pressure Combo Gauge gives you NOS pressure with the choice of Oil Pressure or Fuel Pressure at the same time. The Pyrometer EGT and Temp Gauge combo delivers exhaust gas temperatures plus Water, Transmission, Oil or Differential Temp.

The 10 Color Digital Series features ultra-bright digital LED readouts, a magnified tinted lens, black gauge dial, and 10 color settings for the display. There is also this Dual Digital version for the 10 Color Series which is extremely popular with our customers. We started expanding on combination gauges after the success of the other versions we already had in stock.

Where should I begin with the benefits of these dual digital combo gauges?

For starters, you’re monitoring two critical readouts at the same time. You can also set each reading to its own color to easily tell which is which. By combining two gauges into one you’re taking up less space in any car or truck with less wiring used. Not to mention you’re also saving time and effort during installation.

On top of getting extremely responsive and accurate readings, these dual digital combo gauges will look great in your car or truck. Pick the right version for your application and monitor key temperature and pressure levels for optimal engine performance.