2005-2013 Chevy Single Dash C6 Corvette Gauge Pod for Heads Up Display Function Switches

Posted by Matt P. on Jul 26, 2021

2005-2013 Chevy C6 Corvette Dash Pod
  • Left Mount Single Dashboard Pod
  • 2005-2013 Chevy C6 Corvette Gauge Pod
  • Factory Fitted
  • Mounts Over Heads Up Display Switches
  • Holds (1) 2-1/16" Gauge
  • Double Sided Tape for Quick Install
  • View Readouts from a Key Spot
  • Enhance Your Corvette's Interior

We’re big fans of the 2005-2013 Corvette around here, and we were looking for a project we could dedicate specifically to this year range. Well, we finally landed on something. And if you’re thinking about installing a gauge pod to your 6th Gen Corvette, we have something for you that’s a little bit different from traditional A-pillar and dashboard pods.

We recently finished our Single Dashboard Gauge Pod for the 2005-2013 Chevrolet Corvette. This Corvette C6 gauge pod easily installs over the Heads Up Display Function Switches to the left of the factory gauge cluster, giving you access to quick-glance readings in an optimal location.

These Corvette gauge pods are designed specifically for any C6 Corvette including the Z06, ZR1, Grand Sport and more. We went through a pretty exhaustive manufacturing process to make sure this pod had the right fit, including extremely detailed measuring and molding until the fitment was exactly where we wanted it to be.

We always make sure our gauge pods are around for the long haul. That’s why this C6 Corvette gauge pod is tough and durable. We designed it using ABS plastic so it doesn’t crack or warp. You can also paint it using ABS plastic paint for a custom fit and finish. All it takes for installation is double-sided adhesive tape that we provide, so the install process can’t get much easier.

Add a 2-1/16” (52mm) gauge and you’re ready to go. Easily view readouts on any kind of engine system to make sure levels are exactly where they should be. On top of monitoring key systems, these C6 gauge pods will also look great and enhance the interior of any 6th Generation 05-13 Chevrolet Corvette.