2nd Gen 2017-2020 Ford F150 & F150 Raptor Triple Pillar Pod

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 20, 2022

F150 A Pillar Speaker Pods
  • F150 A Pillar Speaker Pods
  • 2017-2020 F150 & Raptor
  • Factory Fitted Pillar Pod
  • Complete A-Pillar Replacement
  • Built-In Speaker Grille
  • Factory Speaker Mount
  • Holds (3) 2-1/16" Gauges
  • Featured In Black

If you have a 2nd Generation 2017-2020 Ford F150 or F150 Raptor, we just finished up an F150 Pillar Pod you can use to replace the factory A-pillar.

We’ve been expanding our lineup of F150 gauge pods over the past couple of years, and the next step was adding a pod for newer F150 and F150 Raptor trucks. The end result is an F150 A pillar gauge pod that blends in seamlessly with the factory interior and holds (3) 2-1/16” (52mm) gauges.

You can also build a Custom Gauge Package combining gauges and pods with optional gauge install accessories like adapters and wiring kits.

This isn’t some random gauge pod that we rebranded for the Second Gen F150. It was made specifically for these trucks. We picked up a model from the year range and brought it over to our garage. There we took all of the measurements to make sure everything lined up exactly.

We got it down to every exact detail from the factory A-pillar, including a Built-In Speaker Grille and Factory Speaker Mount if you want to keep using the speaker. All you need to install it is the included mounting bolt. You’ll also get instructions that walk you through the steps.

These F150 A pillar speaker pods are made out of ABS plastic so they’re tough and durable. They’re featured in black and can also be painted with ABS plastic paint to match up to your truck’s interior.

Add GlowShift ultra-bright analog or digital LED gauges that are available separately and you can easily view key readings from an optimal location on the A-pillar.

If you’re looking for a 2nd Gen 2017-2020 Ford F150 gauge pod or Ford Raptor gauge pod, you’re in the right place. Any questions? Reach out anytime and we’ll be happy to assist. When you go with us, you’re also backed by unrivaled Customer Support and Free Lifetime Tech Support.