7 Color Series Digital Dual Wideband AFR Gauge for Cars and Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Mar 22, 2022

Dual Digital Wideband Gauge
  • Dual Wideband O2 Gauge
  • Monitor Right & Left Banks
  • Fine-Tune Engine Efficiency
  • AFR, E85, Lambda Readings
  • 7 Color Series Gauges
  • Dual Digital Display
  • 7 Color Settings
  • Ultra-Bright LED Readings

Check out the modified version of our 7 Color Series Dual Wideband Air Fuel Gauge which just went through some key changes. We expanded on the types of readings you can view and increased the choice of colors for the digital LED display.

We have three versions for our 7 Color Series. Find out more about the Tinted 7 Color, Black 7 Color and White 7 Color versions of these dual wideband gauges here.

The previous version of the gauge had Gasoline Air/Fuel Ratio readings with three decimal points. Now you can take Gasoline AFR, E85 or Lambda readings with pinpoint accuracy on a display that has four decimal points. The Gasoline AFR range is from 10.01 to 20.00 AFR, E85 readings are from 6.660 to 13.31 AFR, and the Lambda readings go from 0.683 to 1.365.

The original version of our dual wideband O2 gauge had one color for the digital display: Blue. Now you have a true GlowShift 7 Color Series Gauge where you can toggle between 7 LED color options including Blue, Green, Red, Teal, Yellow, Purple and White. There’s also 2 Color Cycle Modes which scroll through all of the color options.

Each dual wideband gauge kit has you covered with everything needed for installation including Wideband O2 Sensors, 12v Wideband Controllers, Weld-In Bungs, Wiring Harnesses and more. So when you need the best dual wideband gauge to monitor and fine-tune the left and right banks of your car or truck’s exhaust system, make sure to add our new 7 Color Series Dual Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge to that list.