Analog 7 Color Series 20 PSI Boost Gauge for Cars and Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Dec 11, 2020

20 PSI Boost Gauges
  • 20 PSI Boost Gauges
  • Low Boost Applications
  • Older Turbo Diesels
  • Smaller Turbochargers
  • Reads From 0 to 20 PSI
  • 7 Color Series Gauges
  • 9' of Boost Hose
  • Compression Fittings

We have all kinds of Boost Gauges built to monitor varying levels of boost pressure on any car or truck. If you have a stock or modified car with boost output that’s in the lower range, or a diesel truck that puts in overtime and generates high levels of boost pressure, we have a boost gauge for you.

Our newest version, the 20 PSI Boost Gauge, was created with low boost applications in mind. This turbo boost gauge is geared towards vehicles like older turbo diesels that don’t call for a lot of power, displaying your car or truck's boost pressure accurately from 0 to 20 PSI.

You can also choose the look of this mechanical boost gauge with our 7 Color Gauge Series. Options include a black or white gauge face, clear or tinted magnified lens, and 7 color options for the analog LED display. Decide which style works best for you with our Tinted 7 Color, Black 7 Color and White 7 Color versions.

There are several benefits to installing this gauge to your car or truck. When you’re running a smaller or older turbocharger, this gauge will help you keep an eye on boost pressure levels to avoid any harmful pressure spikes. On top of avoiding potential engine damage and taking steps to extend engine life, you’ll also get better performance and better fuel efficiency.

When you’re looking for reliable boost pressure readouts for any car or truck that generates lower boost pressure, install our 20 PSI Boost Gauge and you’ll have access to accurate feedback in no time. Each boost gauge kit also comes with everything you need for the install, including Boost Hose, Compression Fittings, Mounting Hardware and more.