Automotive Wiring Kits for Car and Truck Gauges

Posted by Matt P. on May 16, 2023

Automotive Wiring Kit
  • Automotive Wiring Kits
  • For Car & Truck Gauges
  • Sensor and Power Wires
  • 1 Kit for Multiple Gauges
  • Take Up Less Space
  • Reduce Wire Clutter
  • Save Installation Time
  • All-In-One Wiring Harnesses

Make installation even easier with Gauge Wiring Kits for sensor and power connections. These wiring harnesses are made specifically for our lineup of car and truck automotive gauges.

Wiring harness kits are available in extended lengths to give you added flexibility for custom installations. We have 18’ to 40’ Pressure Gauge Sensor Harnesses that are key for larger trucks and RVs so you can run sensor connections for Boost, Fuel, Exhaust and other Pressure Gauges. Temperature Gauge Sensor Harnesses in the same lengths deliver the same flexibility for Water, Oil, Transmission and other Temperature Gauges.

We also have all-in-one wiring kits so you can run sensor and power wires for different gauges through one set. The many benefits include cutting down on installation time by running one set of wires instead of more for multiple gauges. It’s also a cleaner option since there’s less wire clutter.

Our car and truck gauges have definable looks called a Gauge Series, with features like an analog or digital display, black or white gauge dial, different display color settings and more. Each wiring harness kit is designed for a specific Gauge Series like the 7 Color Series, MaxTow Double Vision™ Series and 10 Color Digital Series.

We also have wiring harnesses for specific gauges to sidestep major modifications and simplify installation. Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge Wiring Harnesses, HPOP Gauge Wiring Harnesses, Diesel Tach Signal Adapters and more streamline the install process with direct connections.

If you’re building a custom dash, adding gauges to the A-pillar, or working on another project for your car or truck, find the right automotive wiring kit for your custom installation.