Better Fitment and Clearance with Updated Flush Mount Port Plugs for GlowShift Oil Filter Adapters

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 25, 2021

Oil Filter Adapter Updated Flush Mount Port Plugs
  • Updated 1/8-27 NPT Port Plugs
  • For Oil Filter Sandwich Adapters
  • Oil Pressure and Oil Temp Senders
  • Plugs Cap Any Open Ports
  • Switched To Flush Mount Plugs
  • Bolts Previously Used
  • Improved Fitment
  • Better Clearance

Our Oil Filter Sandwich Adapters are a popular item in the GlowShift Family, with multiple versions available so you can find the right one for your application.

They make it easy to install an oil pressure or oil temperature sensor without involving any major changes to your car or truck. Well, we recently went through an update that makes them even easier to install now.

We just switched from bolts to flush mount port plugs, which provide for better fitment and also give you better clearance. The plugs are for any of the 1/8-27 NPT ports that aren’t being used for a sensor -- there are four of them total.

One of the key factors during the oil filter sandwich adapter install is making sure that you have enough clearance. With these new plugs we have that covered. You won’t have any problems installing the adapter in the oil filter location and threading in the sensors.

GlowShift oil filter sandwich plate adapters cut down on installation time and allow you to easily install sensors for accurate readouts. With the new flush mount port plugs, that process just became even more convenient. Once the gauges are installed you’ll be ready to take oil temp or oil pressure readings in a matter of no time.