Black Triple Gauge 1973-1987 Chevy C10 Pillar Pod

Posted by Matt P on Mar 30, 2020

C10 A Pillar Gauge Pod
  • C10 A Pillar Gauge Pod
  • 1973-1987 3rd Gen Chevrolet C10
  • Box Body/Square Body Pickups
  • Factory Fitted
  • Mounts to Factory A-Pillar
  • Holds (3) 2-1/16" Gauges
  • Black ABS Plastic
  • Paintable with ABS Plastic Paint

When we think about the Chevy C10 there’s a lot of different models that can fall under that category. So as we developed this Black Triple Pillar Gauge Pod our goal was to cover 3rd Gen box body and square body pickup trucks from 1973-1987. For us that includes the C20, C30, K-Series trucks like the K5 Blazer and more. Basically if you have a C-Body 2WD, K-Body 4WD, short bed or any style within that year range, this pod was made with you in mind.

Square body’s the thing these days. We know it and we’re on board with it too. Which is why we wanted to bring a pod to market that you don’t see a lot of, and that’s where this C10 a pillar gauge pod fit perfectly. Yep, pun intended.

For this project we picked up an ‘88 C10 and molded the pod based on the factory trim. It’s an interesting truck, for sure. Between the angle and width of the A-pillar, molding the pod was a little bit tricky. The trim was a lot more narrow than what our specs typically allow for, and the A-pillar and windshield were pretty much vertical. No matter, though, we made it work and we’re really happy with how it turned out.

You can install this C10 pillar pod right onto the factory A-pillar without any major modifications to the truck. Use the screws we provide, and you’re good to go. Please keep in mind though that you may have to drill a hole and cut the pod for an exact fit depending on the year and trim level of your truck.

No matter what the plan is for your C10 -- an engine swap, factory restoration, turning it into a street rod or a low rider -- this C10 A pillar gauge pod is extremely useful for two reasons. Not only will it help you monitor applications, but it’ll look great in your Chevy and go hand-in-hand with the other upgrades you’re putting into it.