Black & White Series Under Dash Triple Racing Gauge Set for Cars and Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Nov 14, 2023

2 5/8
  • Triple Gauge Set for Cars and Trucks
  • Oil Pressure, Water Temp & Volt Gauge
  • Black & White Racing Series
  • 2 5/8" (65mm) Drag Racing Gauges
  • Pre-Installed to Under Dash Bracket
  • For Dirt Tracks and Drag Strips
  • Monitor Key Engine Readings
  • Build a Custom Dashboard

GlowShift Black & White Racing Series Triple Gauge Under Dash Sets were made for any driver building a custom dash for their racing application. If you’re not exactly sure which gauges to include in your custom build, we got you covered.

The Triple Gauge Set features a 2-5/8” (65mm) Racing Oil Pressure Gauge, Water Temperature Gauge and Volt Gauge. These drag racing gauges are pre-installed to an under dash bracket that fits virtually any car or truck. The set also comes complete with everything you’ll need for installation including 1/8-27 NPT Temperature and Pressure Sensors, Wiring Kits, Mounting Hardware and more.

Black & White Series Racing Gauges are a lineup of traditional car and truck gauges that are simple and functional.

The gauge face and black gauge dial make it easier to view the white analog LED readings from different angles. The illuminated red needle is equipped with stepper motor technology for a combination of smooth needle movement and accurate readouts.

There’s also a Nighttime Dimming feature that dims the gauge 30% at night for easy viewing of gauge readings. To activate, all you need to do is run the corresponding gauge wire to the headlight switched source.

Build onto your factory instrument cluster with a 2-5/8” (65mm) Black & White Series Triple Racing Gauge Set. Monitor critical engine readings with pinpoint precision from an optimal location at the lower part of the dash. You can protect your engine from the stress of racing, and enhance the look of your car or truck’s interior at the same time with drag racing gauges.