Build Custom Gauge and Pod Packages for Cars and Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Nov 06, 2023

Custom Gauge and Pod Packages
  • GlowShift Gauge Packages
  • Custom Gauge and Pod Sets
  • Made for Cars and Trucks
  • Build from Start to Finish
  • Factory Fitted Gauge Pods
  • Over 25 Different Gauges
  • Define the Look of Each Gauge
  • Optional Install Accessories

Custom Gauge Packages at GlowShift are combination gauge and pod sets for specific cars and trucks that you build from start to finish.

Single, Dual, Triple and Quad Gauge versions are available.

Full customization is key. You get to select the Gauges, Pods and optional Install Accessories for your specific set. Not only will they look great inside of your vehicle, but they will also help you monitor critical readings to optimize engine efficiency.

Get started with factory fitted Gauge Pods for your application. Depending on the make and model, we have Pillar Pods, Dash Pods, Vent Pods and more that are measured and tested for precise fitment.

Next choose the Gauges for your Custom Package. There are over 25 Gauge Types in stock to monitor engine readings with pinpoint precision. Choose between Boost, Pyrometer EGT, Trans Temp, Fuel Pressure Gauges and more.

A GlowShift Gauge Series defines the look of each Gauge with variable features like analog or digital LED displays, black or white gauge dials, a clear or tinted magnified lens and multiple display color settings.

The final step is deciding if you want to add optional Gauge Install Accessories that save you time and simplify installation. You’ll spend less time in the garage with vehicle-specific and universal Adapters, Wiring Kits, Expandable Circuits and other accessories.

Now you have a Custom Gauge Package tailored to your specific make and model. Improve fuel economy, maximize efficiency and extend engine life while enhancing the interior of your car or truck.