Classic Shine with Chrome Under Dash Gauge Pods for Cars and Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Jul 24, 2020

Chrome Under Dash Gauge Pod
  • Chrome Under Dash Gauge Pods
  • Mounting Bracket Pods
  • Single, Dual, Triple, Quad
  • Install 2-1/16" (52mm) Gauges
  • Metal with a Chrome Finish
  • Self-Tapping Screws
  • Easily View Readings
  • Enhance Your Application

You like chrome, right? It seems to be a thing again. We’re seeing it used a lot these days in car and truck accessories like window, fender and tailgate trim, gas caps, pillar posts, mirror covers, door handles and more. And we’re good with it. In fact we like the move. We think chrome’s a great way to enhance a vehicle’s look.

If you’re a fan of chrome like we are, what better way to boost your vehicle’s interior than by adding chrome mounting brackets for installing your GlowShift gauges? It’s a unique way to upgrade the inside of your car or truck with the classic look and shine that chrome offers. You have the choice of SINGLE, DUAL, TRIPLE or QUAD chrome gauge pods, each of which is light and compact and easy to install.

We developed universal chrome under dashboard mounting bracket pods that -- as the name suggests -- will fit any car or truck, any make or model. These under dash bracket pods are easy to install and sit right beneath the dashboard for easy viewing of gauge readings. They’re tough, too, made from metal with a chrome plating finish.

When it’s time to add GlowShift gauges and keep an eye on those engine applications that you’re always thinking about, these chrome under dash gauge pods are a great option for showcasing them. Add a look to your car or truck that is classic but also has a modern edge and feel.