Daisy Chain Up To 3 GlowShift Elite 10 Color Series Gauges

Posted by Matt P. on Aug 05, 2022

Elite 10 Daisy Chain Harness
  • Elite 10 Series Daisy Chain Harness
  • Made Specifically for Elite 10 Gauges
  • Power Up to (3) Gauges
  • Reduce Wire Clutter
  • Simplify Installation
  • Plug and Play Connectors
  • Harness is 1' in Length
  • 3' Harness is Also Available

Have you checked out our Elite 10 Color Gauge Series? On top of delivering engine readings with pinpoint accuracy, they look great when you install them in your car or truck. Getting them up and running to your power source is just as easy too.

One of the unique features of this GlowShift Gauge is that you can run connections for up to 3 of them with the included Daisy Chain Power Harness. Attach the harness in the back of the gauges using the Plug and Play connectors and easily power them from your vehicle’s battery or another 12 volt source.

In fact, it’s that easy to power Elite 10 Color Series Gauges without having to wire them individually. Save time and effort during installation and equip your car or truck with gauges that will enhance the interior while delivering readings with unrivaled precision.

We have Black Elite 10 and White Elite 10 versions for this Series with a total of 35 different gauges available.

With these 2-1/16” (52mm) GlowShift Gauges you pick between a black or white gauge dial with a clear or tinted magnified lens. There’s also 10 ultra-bright LED color settings for the analog display. Set them up on the dash, A-pillar or another location and easily view key readouts.

Depending on the gauge type, you’ll receive sensors, wiring harnesses, a dashboard gauge pod and more for installation. We have you covered with the parts needed for the process, along with instructions that will walk you through everything.