Easier Sender Install with a Chevy Small Block 305/350 Oil Cooler Adapter

Posted by Matt P. on Apr 15, 2022

Chevy Small Block 305/350 Oil Cooler Adapter
  • Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter
  • Chevy Small Block 305/350
  • Truck-Specific Design
  • Aftermarket Oil Cooler Kits
  • Temp and Pressure Sensors
  • 13/16-16 Thread
  • 3/8-18 NPT Oil Feed & Return Thread Size
  • Crafted from Billet Aluminum

The oil filter sandwich adapter we made for the Chevy 305/350 was a major hit so we decided to expand on the gauge accessories we have available for these trucks as we game-planned on new products for 2022.

So here is our Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter designed specifically for the Chevrolet Small Block 305/350. This is a unique product custom made for these Chevy trucks so you can install an aftermarket oil cooler kit with ease.

No more worrying about relocating the oil filter or tapping into another oil source. With this Chevy 350 oil cooler adapter all you gotta do is take off the oil filter, thread in the adapter, add an oil temperature sensor – or even an oil pressure sensor – and thread a new oil filter into the adapter.

Doesn’t get much easier than that.

This oil filter cooler sandwich plate adapter has a 13/16-16 Thread and 3/8-18 NPT Oil Feed & Return Thread Size. There are (2) 1/8-27 NPT Ports, (2) 1/8-27 NPT Flush Mount Port Plug Threads, (2) AN-10 Fittings and an O-Ring so you get an air-tight seal. One thing to definitely keep in mind is that this adapter is only compatible if the gasket diameter is a minimum of 3" and maximum of 4”.

With this Chevy 350 oil cooler adapter you’ll have access to readings delivered with pinpoint accuracy in no time. If you need any additional info, give us a shout anytime and we’ll be happy to help.