Easy To Grab A Coffee with GlowShift Add-On Cup Holders for 2003-2012 Ram Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 25, 2021

2003-2012 Dodge Ram Add-On Cup Holder
  • Add-On Cup Holder
  • For 2003-2012 Ram Trucks
  • Holds (2) Cups and A Cell Phone
  • Fits In Front Of Center Console
  • No Hardware Needed
  • Spacer Included
  • Automatic Transmissions Only
  • Enhance Your Ram Truck's Interior

A while back we used to sell Add-On Cup Holders that we built specifically for different truck makes and models. They’re set up to fit right in front of the center console so you can easily pick up drinks without any distractions.

Our customers liked them a lot but at one point we stopped restocking them because we were focused on expanding the number of gauges, pods and gauge accessories in our inventory. Well, we’re caught up on new product development, at least for the moment, so we had a chance to bring back this popular product.

The first version we went with is an Add-On Cup Holder for the 2003-2012 Dodge Ram. This one is measured out specifically for any 03-12 3rd Gen & 4th Gen 1500, 2500 & 3500 Ram Truck. We took a lot of time during development to make sure the fitment was precise.

With this Dodge Ram cup holder insert you can store all different kinds of drinks like bigger water bottles, insulated bottles, tumblers, thermoses, fast food cups and more. It’s not so much the number of ounces but the dimensions of the cup, and this one accommodates plenty of popular drink holders. There’s also a space for your cell phone so you can easily stash that as well.

Each Dodge Ram cup holder is easy to install and you don’t even need any hardware. Only thing you gotta do is add the included spacer using factory hardware, which makes sure the center console lid closes properly. After that, simply slide the cup holder into position and you’re good.

They’re made out of premium quality ABS plastic too so they’re tough, durable and long lasting. You can even paint them using ABS plastic paint if you want for a totally custom fit and finish. These Dodge Ram console cup holders not only deliver peak utility but they also look good when you install them.