Gauge Package Install Guide for 1992-1997 OBS Ford F-Series 7.3 Powerstroke

Posted by Matt P. on Apr 21, 2023

1992-1997 Ford F-Series Gauge Package Installation Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • 1992-1997 Ford F-Series
  • 7.3 Powerstroke & 7.3 IDI
  • Custom Gauge Package
  • Factory Fitted Pillar Pod
  • 7 Color Series Gauges
  • Install Accessories
  • Overhaul Your OBS F-Series

This Installation Guide shows you how to install one of our Custom Gauge Packages into virtually any 1992-1997 OBS F-Series 7.3 Powerstroke or 7.3 IDI. Each Gauge Package combines a truck-specific gauge pod and gauges with optional installation accessories for an overhaul of your Ford pickup.

A factory fitted and color matched Tan Quad Gauge Ford Pillar Pod is featured in this install. The OBS Ford gauge pod mounts to the factory A-pillar and holds (4) 2-1/16” (52mm) gauges.

Featured gauges include a GlowShift 7 Color Series Boost Gauge, Pyrometer EGT Gauge, Trans Temp Gauge, Fuel Pressure Gauge and an HPOP Gauge. 7 Color Series Gauges have a black or white gauge dial, clear or tinted magnified lens, and 7 color settings for the analog LED display.

Installation Accessories including adapters and wiring kits make the install process even easier. For this installation, we use a MAP Line Boost T-Fitting Adapter, Expandable Circuits, an HPOP Gauge Wiring Harness, 1/8-27 NPT Drill and Tap Set and a 7 Color Series Gauge Wiring Harness. Save time during the install and avoid making major modifications to your OBS Ford F-Series with these accessories. When you build your Custom Gauge Package, we have a wide range of accessories to fit the gauge set you decide to go with.

Install this Custom Gauge Package and monitor key engine readings for your F-Series F150, F250 or F350 truck in the 1992-1997 year range. We’ll walk you through every step of the process and give you the tools to prolong the life of your 7.3 Powerstroke or 7.3 IDI. Not only will these gauge packages help you protect your OBS Ford F-Series pickup, but they will also enhance the cab courtesy of the factory fitted pillar pod and ultra-bright analog 7 Color Series LED gauges.