GlowShift | Digital Boost Gauges Versus Analog Boost Gauges

Posted by Matt P. on Nov 26, 2021

Boost Pressure Gauge
  • Car and Truck Boost Gauges
  • Get the Right Version for Your Application
  • Analog or Digital LED Display
  • Select A Custom Gauge Series
  • For Modified Vehicles
  • Find A Boost Pressure Range
  • Readings with Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Add To Your Custom Dash

When it comes to selecting a GlowShift Boost Gauge there is no wrong choice. It all depends on the look you’re going for in your car or truck and which version works best. Either way you’re still getting boost readings delivered with pinpoint accuracy.

Our analog boost gauges give you the look of a classic gauge with a bright LED display and illuminated red needle. There are different color options for the display so you can match it up to your factory gauges or create a custom look. These mechanical boost gauges come with parts for the install and look great on your dash, A-pillar or another location. There’s nothing like the look of a classic analog gauge when you’re taking readings.

GlowShift digital boost gauges also give you a bright LED display with different color settings. Some drivers think it’s easier to take readings on a digital display with the quick-glance capability. If you’re looking to set up an aftermarket gauge cluster with a few digital gauges, this electronic boost gauge will fit in perfectly. You could even stagger it against a couple analog gauges. Once again you’ll have everything needed for installation including a 1/8-27 NPT Electronic Boost Pressure Sensor.

The next step is figuring out the PSI range you want to monitor. That depends on the kind of car or truck you have. Our analog boost and boost/vacuum gauges go anywhere from 15 PSI up to 100 PSI. On the digital side we have a 45 PSI boost/vacuum gauge and a 60 PSI boost gauge. If you have a classic model there’s a pretty good chance you’re generating lower boost pressure. The higher pressure boost gauge kits are for cars and trucks that have been modified for racing, long distance hauls or other types of stuff that put more stress on the engine.

If you’re having trouble deciding between an analog or digital turbo boost gauge, we have something for that too! Our MaxTow Double Vision™ Gauges for trucks combine both into one easy-to-use gauge. It’s an analog gauge face with an inset digital display. You get the best of both worlds and both styles when you’re driving.