GlowShift Gauges | Why Do I Need A Wideband Gauge?

Posted by Matt P. on Oct 29, 2021

Tinted 7 Color Dual Wideband Gauge
  • Wideband AFR Gauges
  • For Any Performance Vehicle
  • Measure the AFR Mixture
  • Rich, Optimal, Lean Indicators
  • Readings with Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Analog or Digital LED Readouts
  • Select a Gauge Series
  • Improve Engine Efficiency

Wideband gauges measure the mixture of air to fuel that is coming out of your car or truck’s exhaust. Readings are broken down into three categories: Rich, Optimal and Lean. Rich is when there is too much fuel and not enough air in the mixture, and Lean is the opposite with too much air and not enough fuel.

Optimal is the sweet spot: that perfect ratio that gives you the right mixture and leads to better engine performance. The typical ratio for many gasoline vehicles tends to be 14:7:1. That’s the Stoichiometric Ratio of 14:7 Units of Oxygen to 1 Unit of Gasoline. But that ratio changes when you get into modified engines.

Ultimately, this number matters because it demonstrates the health and efficiency of your engine. AFR impacts fuel consumption, mileage, power levels and performance. Monitoring ratios will also help you avoid engine damage. This is key especially when you’re dealing with aftermarket tuning of performance vehicles.

GlowShift Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges are a must-have for anyone with a boosted car or truck involved in anything from racing to strenuous long-distance hauls.

We have analog and digital wideband air fuel gauges that deliver ratios with pinpoint precision. These are complete gauge kits which come with everything for the install including Wideband O2 Sensors, Controller Units, Bung Adapters and Wiring. We also have an E85 Wideband Gauge that delivers Ethanol 85 AFR readings and a Dual Digital Wideband AFR Gauge which gives you the option of Gas, E85 or Lambda readouts.

When you pick a GlowShift Gauge Series you’re tailoring the look of your wideband air fuel ratio gauge. Choose a black or white gauge dial, clear or tinted magnified lens, the LED display color and more. Get just the right look for the inside of your car or truck.

So as you look for the best analog or digital wideband gauge, make sure to check out our lineup which comes highly rated with lots of positive reviews and feedback. You’ll be able to find the right wideband version for your application and aftermarket modification plan.