GlowShift Tinted Gauges for Cars and Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Oct 07, 2022

GlowShift Tinted Series Gauges
  • Tinted Gauge Series
  • Analog Car & Truck Gauges
  • Two Tone Gun Metal Body
  • Brushed Aluminum Trim Ring
  • White LED Backlighting
  • Black Gauge Dial
  • Illuminated Red Needle
  • Low Profile Magnified Tinted Lens

On top of delivering incredibly accurate readings, our gauges will also enhance the look of your car or truck with eye-catching displays. With each GlowShift Gauge Series you can essentially define the look of your gauge to find a version that works best for your application.

Customizable options include an analog or digital display, black or white gauge dial, clear or tinted magnified lens, multiple display color options and more.

There’s no shortage on delivering innovative features with our Tinted Gauge Series. These one-of-a-kind analog gauges are housed in a two tone gun metal gauge body with a brushed aluminum trim ring and a low profile magnified tinted lens.

These Tinted GlowShift Gauges also have a black gauge dial and white LED backlighting. The illuminated red needle sweeps 270 degrees and is equipped with stepper motor technology which results in extremely smooth needle movement. There’s a dimming feature for driving at night where you can dim the brightness of the gauge by 30% making them even easier to view.

Most versions in the Tinted Gauge Series are sized at 2-1/16” (52mm). There’s 18 different types of gauges you can choose from. Decide between Boost Gauges, Oil Pressure Gauges, Pyrometer Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauges and many other options.

With their distinct look, GlowShift Tinted Gauges will enhance the interior of your car or truck and deliver readings with pinpoint accuracy at the same time. You’ll be able to make sure that temperatures, pressure levels and more are where they should be while utilizing a cutting edge gauge design.