GlowShift | Use Your Vehicle’s Transmission Test Port To Install A Temp Sensor

Posted by Matt P. on Dec 01, 2022

Transmission Test Port Extender
  • Transmission Test Port Extender
  • 1/16-27 NPT Male to 1/8-27 NPT Female Thread
  • Access Vehicle Test Ports
  • Install a Temp Sending Unit
  • For Compatible Cars and Trucks
  • Save Time On Installation
  • No Major Modifications
  • Accurate Temperature Readouts

With our 1/16-27 NPT Universal Transmission Test Port Extender you can use your car or truck’s transmission test port to install a temperature sending unit.

If your vehicle has a 1/16-27 NPT test port, this adapter is compatible. Some of the popular vehicles you can use this adapter on include Chrysler/Dodge 45RFE 4 Speed and 545RFE 5 Speed models like the Dodge Durango, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram trucks.

One of the major benefits is side-stepping a longer installation process. You’ll save time and the install will be a lot easier. Plus you won’t have to drill, tap or make any other modifications to your vehicle.

Each transmission test port adapter has a 1/16-27 NPT male to 1/8-27 NPT female thread for a standard temperature sensor. You’ll gain direct access to extremely accurate temperature readouts. By extending the test port, you’re also protecting the sender from getting damaged.

This transmission test port extender went through some upgrades recently too. We went from Yellow Zinc to Nickel Plated Zinc for a longer lifespan. It was already tough and durable to begin with, and this change ensures it’ll get the job done for the many miles ahead.

So if you have a compatible test port, get a temperature sending installed to your make and model with GlowShift’s 1/16-27 NPT Universal Transmission Test Port Extender. Access readings delivered with pinpoint accuracy and confirm your trans temp is where it should be.