GlowShift | What’s The Best Boost Gauge For Me?

Posted by Matt P. on Nov 30, 2021

Best Boost Gauge for Cars and Trucks
  • Find the Right Boost Gauge
  • For Virtually Any Car or Truck
  • Analog or Digital Gauges
  • Select A Gauge Series
  • Pick a Boost Range
  • Responsive, Precise Readings
  • Avoid Spikes Or Dips In Levels
  • Enhance Your Vehicle's Interior

Deciding on the right Automotive Boost Gauge Kit all depends on the type of car or truck you drive. Basically, it all comes down to motor size: the bigger the motor, the bigger the turbo. And as turbo increases so does the boost pressure. So as pressure increases you will need a higher turbo boost gauge to compensate for it. It also depends on how you want the gauge to look. With GlowShift you can choose between analog and digital boost gauges to get the right style for the inside of your car or truck.

Boost/Vacuum Gauges

15 PSI, 30 PSI and 45 PSI boost vacuum gauges are available. The 15 PSI is for older vehicles with smaller engines and smaller turbos. The 30 PSI version is probably your safest bet. It’s an industry standard truck and car turbo boost gauge that we have been selling for 20 years. The 45 PSI vacuum boost gauge is for bigger engines with a larger turbo and higher pressure.

Diesel Truck Boost Gauges

Options include 20 PSI, 35 PSI, 60 PSI and 100 PSI digital and analog boost gauges. Find the version that is most compatible with your diesel truck’s motor size. 20 PSI was made for smaller motors. The 35 PSI tends to be standard for most diesel trucks. The 60 PSI is when you notice that your truck is running higher-than-usual boost levels. The 100 PSI is for diesel trucks that have usually undergone aftermarket modifications and are running seriously high boost pressure levels.