Guide To GlowShift Wideband Gauges

Posted by Matt P. on Aug 12, 2022

Wideband AFR Gauges for Cars and Trucks
  • Analog or Digital Display
  • Single or Dual Readouts
  • Readings From 10.01 to 20.00 AFR
  • E85 Readings From 6.660 to 13.31 AFR
  • LAMBDA Readings From 0.683 to 1.365
  • Oxygen Sensors
  • Weld-In Sensor Bungs
  • Wideband Controller Units

You’re in the right place when it’s time to install a wideband gauge for your car or truck. GlowShift has over 20 different wideband air fuel ratio gauges available so you can find the best wideband gauge for your specific application.

Wideband AFR Gauge Series

Each GlowShift Gauge Series will define the look of your wideband O2 gauge. Start by choosing an analog or digital display, or both. Next step is selecting features like a black or white gauge dial, clear or tinted magnified lens, different display color settings and more.

Analog Wideband Gauges

Choose between the 7 Color Series and Elite 10 Color Series for your analog wideband gauge. These wideband air fuel ratio gauges deliver air-to-fuel ratios from 10 ~ 20 AFR quality values to determine how rich or lean your engine is running. Install to any vehicle that uses unleaded fuel and carefully map out your vehicle’s air/fuel ratios through the range of RPM and manifold pressure.

Digital Wideband Gauges

These GlowShift gauges include single and dual wideband gauges with AFR, E85 and LAMBDA settings depending on the version you select. Closely monitor one reading or fine-tune the left and right banks of your vehicle’s exhaust with dual wideband O2 gauge options. These digital LED gauges deliver readings with pinpoint accuracy down to a decimal point. Gauge Series include the 7 Color Digital Series, 10 Color Digital Series and Tinted Digital Series.

MaxTow Double Vision™ Wideband Gauges For Trucks

With our MaxTow Double Vision™ Truck Gauge Series you get the best of both worlds with dual analog and digital LED displays. Select a color combination for the gauge dial and LED display with gauges designed specifically for Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax and other trucks. They will not only deliver air-to-fuel ratios with pinpoint accuracy but will also let you know if readouts are Lean, Optimal or Rich.

Wideband AFR Gauge Kits

Each analog and digital wideband gauge at GlowShift comes complete with parts for installation. Depending on the version you select you’ll receive parts including a wideband oxygen sensor, digital 12 volt controller unit, weld-in sensor bung, wiring harnesses and more. Find the right wideband gauge for your application and receive air-to-fuel ratios with incredible precision while enhancing the inside of your car or truck.