Introducing Dual Display 10 Color Digital Gauges

Posted by Paul on Apr 13, 2018

Originally, our 10 Color Digital Series gauges launched with 16 gauges, and represented a significant update to our legacy single color digital gauges. Now, we’re expanding the 10 Color Series with 5 new dual display gauges!

That’s right – two displays in a single 10 color digital gauge. Just like the single displays available on the original set of gauges, these dual display gauges can be customized with 10 available colors - blue, green, red, yellow, white, teal, purple, pink, amber, and orange. Even more impressive is that each of the displays in these dual gauges can be set to a unique color. For example, the top display can be set to blue, while the bottom display is white – or any combination of the 10 colors available in these gauges. This is all adjustable using the button located right on the face of the gauge. You can truly customize this to whatever color combination you desire!

Dual versions of the following gauges are now available:

The features of these new 10 color digital gauges remain the same as the original line. All are 2-1/16” (52mm) in diameter and have an ultra-thin design at 1.32” in depth, while the LED digital display measures at 1.05” x 0.43”. The LED display features a flat face giving you an immediate readout with only a quick glance needed. All are designed to fit in any of our pillar and dash pods designed to house 52mm gauges. These gauges also feature an optional dimming feature that reduces the brightness of the readout by 50% when the headlights are turned on. This allows for better visibility when driving at night. In addition to selecting any of the available 10 colors, these gauges also feature color fade and color cycle modes, so even if you can’t decide your favorite color, you can let the gauges change on their own.

Each of the dual display gauges comes with everything needed to install them in your vehicle. This even includes two sensors and two sensor harnesses, each dedicated to the readout on each of displays in the gauge. Our 10 Color Digital Dual Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge even comes with 2 Digital 12 Volt Wideband Controllers with Data Logging Output, allowing you the ability to independently log AFR readings from each bank of the engine for precise tuning.

We’re positive these new dual display 10 Color Digital gauges will make the 10 Color Series your choice when deciding which gauges to put in your vehicle.