MaxTow Match 4th Gen Cummins Gauges for 2010-2018 Ram

Posted by Matt P. on Nov 06, 2023

4th Gen Cummins Gauges
  • MaxTow Match Gauges
  • Made For 4th Gen Cummins
  • Factory Spec Styling
  • Chrome Trim Ring
  • Black Gauge Dial
  • Clear Flat Lens
  • White Analog LED Display
  • White Digital LED Readouts

MaxTow Match 4th Gen Cummins Gauges are designed specifically for any 2010-2018 Ram 2500 & 3500. The name comes from our goal of creating 24 Valve 6.7 Cummins gauges with factory spec styling so the look’s consistent with your stock gauge cluster.

This is a brand-new lineup we’re introducing of 2-1/16” (52mm) Cummins diesel gauges that not only monitor critical engine readings with pinpoint precision, but also enhance the inside of your Ram truck at the same time. Choose between Boost, Fuel Pressure, Pyrometer EGT Gauges and more.

These 4th Gen Cummins Gauges are equipped with a black gauge dial, clear flat lens and chrome trim ring like the factory gauges. There’s also a Double Vision dual analog and digital LED display. The analog display has white backlighting and an illuminated red needle. The inset digital display simultaneously delivers readouts with the same level of accuracy.

There’s 3 Daytime and 3 Nighttime Dimming Modes so you can customize the brightness level anytime of day or night for optimal viewing of readings. Brightness Recall maintains the last brightness setting for the next time you start up your Ram truck.

You’re covered with everything needed for installation with these 6.7 Cummins gauges. They come with electronic sensors, sensor harnesses, power harnesses, a mounting bracket and mounting hardware to install your Cummins gauges.

You can also build a MaxTow Match Custom Gauge Package and add 4th Gen Cummins pillar gauges with a factory fitted Dual Pillar or Triple Pillar 4th Gen Cummins Gauge Pod that completely replaces the A-pillar. Whichever setup you decide to go with, run one or multiple aftermarket 6.7 Cummins gauges that match the factory dash.