No Major Mods with a GPS Speedometer Sensor Kit

Posted by Matt P. on Sep 23, 2022

GPS Speedometer Sensor Kit
  • Waterproof GPS Antenna
  • GPS Signal Harness
  • For GlowShift Speedometers
  • No Adapter Needed
  • Save Time on Installation
  • Antenna Measures 1.5” x 1.5” x 0.5"
  • Signal Harness is 2" x 0.75" x 0.38"
  • Add to Dash, Roof, Trunk

Are you looking to replace a stock speedometer or upgrade your speedometer gauge for a custom dash? If so we’ll save you time on installation with our GPS Speedometer Sensor Kit.

GlowShift GPS speedometer adapters give you the ability to monitor your car or truck’s speed without a lengthy installation process or having to splice wiring and make other modifications to your vehicle.

The kit comes with a waterproof GPS Antenna and a GPS Signal Harness which is all you will need. The antenna has 9.5’ of wire attached and the signal harness has 3’ so you’ll have extra slack that gives you more flexibility.

Install the antenna anywhere on your car or truck that has a clear line of sight to the sky and make the wiring connections to your GlowShift Speedometer and a 12 volt source. Once that’s done you’re all set.

Keep in mind that anytime the antenna is obstructed, like when you go through a tunnel or into a garage, the signal will drop until you’re clear. When active it will monitor and deliver MPH readouts with pinpoint precision.

This GPS speedometer sensor is compatible with any GlowShift speedo gauge – just make sure you have it set to #3 on the back. So find the right ultra-bright LED analog or digital speedometer for your application and easily stay on top of your speed with our GPS Speedometer Sensor Kit.