No Tapping Required with V2 Exhaust Gas Temperature Brackets for EGT Probes

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 26, 2020

Pyrometer EGT Probe Bracket
  • Version 2 Exhaust Gas Temp Bracket
  • V2 Pyrometer EGT Probe Adapter
  • Avoid Tapping Into the Exhaust
  • Waterproof Connector
  • Drill a 3/8" Hole
  • Insert Pyrometer EGT Probe
  • Secure Bracket on Exhaust
  • Access Accurate Readouts

We know installing an EGT probe isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There’s a lot of time, effort and patience involved in tapping the exhaust manifold.

That was the motivator for creating our Exhaust Gas Temperature Bracket to begin with, which simplifies the process and takes tapping out of the equation. With this EGT adapter you can easily install one of our EGT probes to your car or truck without having to actually tap into the pipe.

Most recently we came up with our Version 2 EGT Bracket which is fitted for our Version 2 probe. So basically if you have one of our gauges that came with a V2 probe, this is the bracket you would use. And if you have any questions about whether or not you have the second version probe, you can always get in touch with us and we’ll let you know for sure.

Our customers love this EGT probe adapter because it’s DIY-friendly and makes installation even easier. The Version 2 EGT Bracket is sized for an exhaust pipe diameter that ranges anywhere from a 2-½” minimum to 5” maximum. To install it you drill a ⅜” hole, insert the EGT probe, and clamp it. That’s all it takes.

So save yourself some time in the garage and speed up the installation of your GlowShift Version 2 probe with our new Version 2 EGT Bracket. Before you know it you’ll have your probe and EGT gauge installed and you’ll be checking exhaust gas temperature readouts.