Photo Finish with Car and Truck Drag Racing Gauges

Posted by Matt P. on Nov 06, 2023

2 5/8
  • 2 5/8" (65mm) Drag Racing Gauges
  • Black & White Racing Series
  • Black Analog Gauge Dial
  • White LED Illumination
  • Illuminated Red Needle - 270° Sweep
  • Chrome Trim Ring
  • Clear Flat Lens
  • For Dirt Tracks and Drag Strips

Be first to get the checkered flag with 2-5/8” Black & White Series Racing Gauges for cars and trucks. This line of GlowShift Gauges is dedicated specifically to applications that have been modified for the track or drag strip.

Each cutting edge racing gauge has a chrome trim ring, black gauge dial and flat clear lens. White LED illumination and an illuminated red needle deliver crisp analog readouts with pinpoint precision. The larger 2-5/8” (65mm) dial makes it easier to view readings from different angles.

This is more of a traditional product lineup of gauges that are simple and functional. Choose between a 30 PSI Boost Vac Gauge, Racing Oil Pressure Gauge, 100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge, Water Temp Gauge and a Volt Gauge. Not only will they help monitor your engine, but they will look great in your car or truck.

We also have a predefined Triple Racing Gauge Set which includes Oil Pressure, Water Temperature and Volt Gauges. If you’re building a custom dash, this set takes the guesswork out of which gauges you should include. The set also features an Under Dash Bracket with the dirt track racing gauges already installed. Single Gauge and Dual Gauge versions of this Under Dash Gauge Pod are also available.

If you’re putting work into any car or truck that’s been overhauled for racing, Black & White Series Racing Car Gauges and Truck Gauges were made for you. Each gauge comes complete with everything you’ll need for installation including sensors, wiring kits and mounting hardware.

Hit the streets, track or drag strip with us when you need to find the best racing gauges for your application.