Replace the Factory Dash Panel with a GlowShift 6 Gauge Cluster For Third Gen 1973-1991 Chevy K5 Blazer SUVs

Posted by Matt P. on Mar 09, 2023

K5 Blazer Cluster Dash Panel
  • Replacement 6 Gauge Cluster Panel
  • 1973-1991 Chevy K5 Blazer
  • 3rd Gen Full-Size 4-Door 4x4 SUVs
  • Upgrade the Factory Panel
  • (2) 3-3/4” (95mm) Gauges
  • (4) 2-1/16” (52mm) Gauges
  • Replace Stock Gauges
  • Build a Factory Dash

Factory fitted Replacement 6 Gauge Cluster Dashboard Panels breathe new life into virtually any 1973-1991 Third Gen Chevrolet K5 Blazer Full-Size SUV.

Each replacement dash panel pod is made specifically for this 2-Door 4x4 SUV. We measured out the factory dash panel to make sure the fitment was exact. To do this we brought a K5 Blazer from the year range into our garage and got to work. The result is a panel pod that lines up seamlessly with the factory interior to replace the original.

There are slots for (2) 3-3/4” (95mm) gauges and (4) 2-1/16” (52mm) gauges. You can keep using the factory gauges or upgrade with a Gauge Set from us which is available separately. There are 25+ Gauge Types so you can go with a Tach, Speedo, Fuel Pressure Gauge, Pyrometer EGT Gauge, Boost, Trans Temp Gauge and more.

The look of our gauges will transform your 3rd Generation K5 Blazer 4WD SUV interior. With a GlowShift Gauge Series you can choose between ultra-bright LED analog and digital gauges, a black or white gauge dial, clear or tinted magnified lens, and multiple display colors.

That’s why this replacement dashboard panel for the 1973-1991 3rd Gen Chevy K5 Blazer Full-Size 2-Door SUV is perfect for any driver looking to build a custom dashboard or replace stock gauges. Or if you need to replace the factory panel because of wear and damage, this cluster dash panel pod was made for you.