Revamped 7 Color Series Digital Wideband Gauge with 3 Reading Options

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 15, 2021

7 Color Series Digital Wideband Gauges
  • Digital Wideband AFR Gauge
  • Tinted, Black or White 7 Color Series
  • 10.01 to 20.00 AFR
  • 6.66 to 13.31 E85 AFR
  • 0.683 to 1.365 Lambda
  • Wideband O2 Sensor
  • 12 Volt Wideband Controller
  • Weld-In Sensor Bung

We’re excited to talk about the new version of our 7 Color Series Digital Wideband Air Fuel Gauges. Wideband AFR Gauges are extremely popular with our customers, and we got a ton of requests for a small update that really does go a long way.

Up until now the digital LED display was in blue, but now we expanded it so you can choose between the 7 color options from the 7 Color Series: Blue, Green, Red, Teal, Yellow, Purple and White. We also added 20 LEDs around the ring which change to whatever color you have set.

Check out the Tinted 7 Color, Black 7 Color and the White 7 Color versions of these gauges to see which style works best for your application.

With this change you can now complete your gauge lineup and match the digital wideband air fuel gauge to the other gauges in your cluster. Set the display color so it’s the same as the other gauges, or you can create a custom look.

We added some other pretty cool new features too. Readings are now in four digits, and we added the option of E85 and Lambda readouts. So now you can toggle between Gasoline AFR readings from 10.01 to 20.00 AFR, E85 readings from 6.660 to 13.31 AFR, or Lambda readings from 0.683 to 1.365.

Digital wideband gauges not only look great but they’re key to making sure your air to fuel ratios are in balance. Add this gauge to any performance vehicle for stronger engine output, better fuel economy and more.