RPM Diesel Tach Adapter Attaches to Alternator

Posted by Matt P. on Apr 21, 2022

Diesel Tachometer Adapter
  • Diesel Tach Adapter
  • Adapt Diesel Tachs & Shift Lights
  • Mount to Alternator
  • Adjustable Steel Clamp
  • Easier Installation
  • Coordinate to Tach Signal
  • Wiring Harness
  • Accurate RPM Readings

Need an adapter to install your diesel tach? No worries, we got it covered with one of the latest additions to our set of GlowShift gauge install accessories.

Our Diesel Tachometer Adapter enables a tachometer to be installed almost universally onto diesel engines. It’s perfect for basically any diesel car or truck, and that includes mods like Cummins swaps and the like.

It took a long time to develop and we spent a lot of time testing. But it was worth the extra effort because we know we got it right. The finished product is a compact, easy-to-use diesel tachometer signal adapter that can adapt the signal of stock and aftermarket diesel tachometers.

You can program it pretty quickly to coordinate the signal with your application’s RPM. Install it right to the alternator and secure using the included adapter clamp. The 1/2” wide adjustable clamp is made out of stainless steel with a max diameter of 10” and a minimum of 5”. Get the perfect position of the diesel tach adapter for an optimal signal and then lock it in.

The product launch coincides with the release of our 7 Color Series Diesel Tachometers too so you’ll have everything in one place if needed.

You can easily adapt a diesel tach to your stock or custom diesel application with our diesel tachometer adapter. Gain access to RPM readouts without having to make any major modifications to your car or truck.

When you go with our diesel tach adapters your purchase is also backed by unrivaled Customer Support and Free Lifetime Tech Support. We’re here every step of the way and long after in the event we can ever be of assistance. Reach out by phone, email, social or chat anytime and we’d be happy to tell you more about these diesel tachometer adapters.